Colombia’s New Presidency and the Protection of Social Leaders

Jan Boesten and Annette Idler • Aug 18 2018 • Articles

The government can benefit from civil society’s expertise and give them a central role in the process of bringing institutionality to Colombia’s marginalized regions.

Colombia’s New Presidency: Peace as Business (as Usual)

Manuela Trindade Viana • Jul 31 2018 • Articles

As armed conflict created the conditions for the boom of the Colombian agrobusiness, peacemaking has offered the stabilizing conditions for business to prosper.

Peace under Siege? Ivan Duque’s Election and the FARC

Diogo Monteiro Dario • Jul 19 2018 • Articles

It will be difficult for Ivan Duque to attack transitional justice and the political participation of the FARC, as those issues are more solidly consolidated into law.

American Foreign Aid and Colombia’s Human Rights Tragedy

Salvador Santino Fulo Regilme Jr. • Jul 12 2018 • Articles

US foreign aid and policy discourses under the Bush administration facilitated the abuses that occurred in the context of Colombia’s post-9/11 war on drugs.

Elections in Colombia: Return of Uribism and Uncertainty of the Peace Process

Edgar Andrés Londoño Niño • Jun 28 2018 • Articles

With the right recovering strength, and Uribe being one of the most powerful Colombian politicians governability is guaranteed, but the power will be concentrated.

Review – Drug War Capitalism

Richard W. Coughlin • Aug 9 2017 • Features

Dawn Paley’s book captures the opportunistic capacity of neoliberal decision-makers to advance policy agendas through the War on Drugs in Latin America.

Student Feature – Spotlight on the Peace Process in Colombia

Cécile Mouly • Jan 25 2017 • Student Features

E-IR’s spotlight series invites academics to reflect on significant events. This feature explores the quest for peace in Columbia between the government and guerrilla groups.

Pop Culture and Latin America’s Conflicts

W. Alejandro Sanchez • Dec 3 2016 • Articles

Militaries and police forces can win wars, but the television and cinematographic industries are critical components that will determine whether or not they will be remembered as heroes.

Review – The Right in Latin America

John Polga-Hecimovich • Oct 16 2016 • Features

While its methodological shortcomings may raise the ire of some political scientists, this book is still ultimately a novel account of elite power in Latin America.

Interview – Harvey F. Kline

E-International Relations • Jul 23 2016 • Features

Professor Kline analyses the Colombian peace agreement, elaborates on the futility of guerrilla movements, and explains why Coca production has increased.

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