Interview – Pierre Englebert

E-International Relations • Apr 2 2022 • Features

Pierre Englebert discusses African statehood, and how it interacts with the concept of secessionism, as well as the impact of colonialism on the political study of Africa.

Discovery, Conquest and Colonialism

Robbie Shilliam • Mar 27 2022 • Online resources

The ‘conquest’ and ‘discovery’ associated with 1492 might contain deeper-determining norms and practices than those of ‘non-intervention’ and ‘sovereignty’ associated with 1648.

Review – Decolonizing Politics: An Introduction

Ayça Çubukçu • Jan 7 2022 • Features

This book offers an audacious and detailed tour de force of the colonial and racial underpinnings of political science.

Opinion – Black and Southern Feminisms Matter in the Global Climate Struggle

Lydia Ayame Hiraide • Nov 12 2021 • Articles

Black and Southern feminists challenge us to consider the climate and environmental crisis as a crisis tied up in global histories of race, gender, and class as embedded in European empire.

Interview – Chitralekha Zutshi

E-International Relations • Aug 28 2021 • Features

Chitralekha Zutshi talks about the making of Kashmiri identity, the Kashmir conflict, and the significance of recent constitutional changes made by the BJP.

Interview – Manan Ahmed

E-International Relations • Aug 24 2021 • Features

Manan Ahmed discusses colonial epistemes, Hindustan, memory and Partition, and decolonising the university.

Interview – Gurminder K. Bhambra

E-International Relations • Aug 5 2021 • Features

Gurminder K. Bhambra discusses her interdisciplinary approach, colonialism and modern social theory, Britain as an empire, and decolonising education.

By Our Own Hands and by Theirs: Africans and the Nervousness to Belong

Benjamin Maiangwa and Christiane Essombe • Jul 16 2021 • Articles

We must move beyond partisanship and forge a truly inclusive place on our own terms where Africans can finally belong, exist without being erased.

On the Margins of EU-rope: Colonial Violence at the Bosnian-Croatian Frontier

Benedetta Zocchi • Jun 30 2021 • Articles

Conventional practices of EU bordering can be questioned as being directly connected with the colonial codification of difference between worthy and unworthy peoples.

Opinion – Dismantling Ongoing Realities of Colonization in Africa

Benjamin Maiangwa and Christiane Essombe • Mar 5 2021 • Articles

it is time that Africans and those who are committed to Africa’s liberation from a colonial paradigm internalize that “only the best is good enough for Africa”.

Interview – Siba N’Zatioula Grovogui

E-International Relations • Jan 31 2021 • Features

Siba N. Grovogui discusses the importance of Black history for IR, sovereignty and Eurocentrism, Guinea and international law and his new book Beyond Eurocentrism and Anarchy.

Review – Globalizing Morocco: Transnational Activism and the Postcolonial State

Blanca Camps-Febrer • Jan 2 2021 • Features

An important contribution to the history of nationalism in Morocco, especially US-Moroccan history.

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