Conflict Resolution

The Rise of Paradiplomacy in International Relations

Mariano Alvarez • Mar 17 2020 • Articles
The rise of paradiplomatic activity, which has been recognized and normalized, should not be seen as a displacement of the state but as its complement within IR.

Sustaining Peace and Internal Self-Determination in the UN Perspective

Cristiana Carletti • Mar 17 2020 • Articles
Peace agreement’s hybrid self-determination component demonstrate how international and local actors can impact the establishment post-conflict environment domestically.

Review – The Kurds of Northern Syria

Jordi Tejel • Feb 8 2020 • Features
Allsopp and van Wilgenburg draw on interviews to provide a detailed and less romanticized account of the emergence, consolidation and crisis of the DAA in Northern Syria.

#ElParoNoPara: Peace, Protests, and Performances of Solidarity in Colombia

Shauna N. Gillooly • Jan 12 2020 • Articles
Colombia’s historic, ongoing protests along with systematic structural violence and positive peace continues to impact the 2016 peace accords and transitional justice.

Conflict Resolution and the UN Peacekeeping Operation in Côte d’Ivoire

Agossou Lucien Ahouangan • Feb 25 2019 • Articles
Conflict resolution should be more than ending violence; it should be rebuilding a society and the ties among the population that were severed by conflict.

Parliamentary Diplomacy as ‘Track 1 1/2 Diplomacy’ in Conflict Resolution

Thomas Goumenos • Jul 11 2018 • Articles
Parliamentary diplomacy in conflict resolution can be conceived as a form of track1 1/2 diplomacy, as it is in the position to combine official and unofficial diplomacy.

Educating Conflict Management and Practicing Peacebuilding: The Case of Lebanon

An Jacobs and Norma Rossi • Dec 9 2017 • Articles
Peer learning in higher education can help to align peacebuilding theory and practice, scholars and practitioners, thus putting research to work for sustainable peace.

Review – Conflict Resolution and Ontological Security

Stephen Michael Christian • May 24 2017 • Features
An insightful volume that shows how peace cannot be maintained without addressing both material and identity-related concerns for all major conflicting parties.

Interview – Abi Williams

E-International Relations • Oct 12 2016 • Features
Dr. Abi Williams discusses the role of think tanks in international affairs, the future of multilateral institutions, UN reform and international courts and tribunals.

Interview – Ciarán Devane

E-International Relations • Mar 15 2016 • Features
Ciarán Devane discusses the British Council's 'cultural diplomacy,' academic conceptions of soft power, and the role of culture can play in international development.

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