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Interview – Robbie Shilliam

Robbie Shilliam talks about the obstacles to decolonizing the academy, postcolonial politics, his forthcoming book Race and the Undeserving Poor and studying IR theory.

Review – Decolonizing Dialectics

Review – Decolonizing Dialectics

In this ambitious if uneven work, Ciccariello-Maher aims to establish a conception of dialectical thought adequate to the premises of anticolonial critical theory.

Taken at the US/Mexican Border at Border Field State Park in Southern California.

Down on the beach, the fence at the International Border isn't exactly a huge barrier.  Many families meet up here for various reasons.

This type of thing makes the Border Patrol nervous because there's been a history of people passing drugs and money through the fence.

The guy on the right is Richard Wong -- he was chatting with a random person at the fence.  The guy on the left was meeting up with his family.

Border Thinking and the Experiential Epistemologies of International Relations

Borders cannot be understood separate from the bodies they affect and form. The geopolitics of knowledge cannot be separated from the experience of borders.

Review – Connected Sociologies

Review – Connected Sociologies

As sociology’s imagined European centre comes apart, Bhambra’s book will remain a vital text for those wishing to understand where we have been and where we are going to.

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