The Imponderables of Middle Eastern Diplomacy

Stephen Chan • Nov 12 2017 • Articles
Unlike almost every other conflict, where borders have been inscribed in earlier agreements, those between Israel and Palestine have changed dramatically – with each change shrinking Palestine.

African Diplomacy and the Development of Self-Awareness

Stephen Chan • Nov 8 2017 • Articles
African diplomacy has not only come of age, but brings something new of benefit to the continent and possibly to the wider world.

China: When the Dragon Wakes

Stephen Chan • Nov 6 2017 • Articles
Napoleon said that the world should beware the sleeping dragon, lest it awake. In his day, China was not only asleep but lost in a time before modernity.

Theories of Foreign Policy and International Relations

Stephen Chan • Oct 29 2017 • Articles
Diplomacy is not new. It has assumed various characteristics in the modern age, but the idea of sending emissaries to another state is old and was common to many cultures.

Open Access Book – Meditations on Diplomacy: Comparative Cases in Diplomatic Practice and Foreign Policy

Stephen Chan • Oct 15 2017 • Features
This book, by Stephen Chan, explores via a range of examples, the challenges diplomacy faces today as actors seek to change history and undermine interests.

Review – The International Law of State Responsibility: An Introduction

Richard W. Coughlin • Aug 18 2017 • Features
Kolb provides an excellent overview of the international law of state responsibility in a text that should be of interest to students of law and international relations.

Palestine in Britain: Sovereignty and Diplomacy After Balfour

Catherine Charrett • Jun 22 2017 • Articles
Palestinians should move to express freedom and dignity through an extended notion of sovereignty that will not be mediated by statist diplomatic practices.

Europe in the Macron Era: En Marche Once More?

Susi Dennison • Jun 12 2017 • Articles
Following Macron's victory, Europe's leaders must show that the EU can provide the opportunities it promises, through delivery on the issues that voters care about most.

Student Feature – Introduction to Diplomacy

Stephen McGlinchey • Jun 2 2017 • Student Features
Diplomacy is a process between actors (diplomats, usually representing a state) who exist within a system (international relations) and engage in private and public dialogue (diplomacy) to pursue their objectives in a peaceful manner.

The Beginning(s) and End(s) of the International Order

Glenda Sluga • May 22 2017 • Articles
As statesmen turn to ad hoc foreign policy by tweet it may be time to resuscitate the importance of “international society” as a means and ends of international order.

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