Five Up / Five Down – Syrian Missile Strike, Part 2

Matthew Murray • Apr 18 2017 • Articles

Tweets Matter. If Trump creates a perception of reality through informational sources that are not rigorous or complete, his positions will be deficient.

Learning from History in Shaping Foreign Policy – A Theoretical Framework

Yoav Tenembaum • Apr 4 2017 • Articles

Learning from history entails a reasoned analysis of the decision-making process as whole, and not only of the decision itself that was ultimately adopted.

Has the United Nations Become Irrelevant?

Joseph E. Schwartzberg • Mar 24 2017 • Articles

Seismic shifts in the global geopolitical landscape and other existential issues make the UN more relevant today than ever before in the seven decades of its existence.

Diplomacy Is the Art of Enhancing Power

Yoav Tenembaum • Feb 22 2017 • Articles

Diplomacy is the art of restraining force and enhancing power, with the unintentional effect of a reduction of power.


Stephen McGlinchey • Jan 8 2017 • Articles

In today’s interconnected world, effective and skilful diplomacy is vital to ensure that humankind can navigate an ever-growing list of shared challenges that may be our undoing if left unresolved.

Trump, China, and the History of Hawkish Republican Campaign Rhetoric

Jack Thompson • Dec 21 2016 • Articles

Trump may ‘normalise’ his attitude to China after inauguration. If he does not, the consequences of such a strategy of provocation are potentially catastrophic.

Interview – Carne Ross

E-International Relations • Nov 24 2016 • Features

Independent diplomat Carne Ross talks about the surprising influence of non-state actors, power politics and anarchy, as well as the poverty of academic IR.

India, the NSG, and the Chinese Impasse

Reshmi Kazi • Jul 20 2016 • Articles

China’s opposition to India’s admission to the NSG appears a systemic attempt at discrimination against India – a visibly responsible nuclear power.

Sanctioning the DPRK? This Time It’s All about Implementation Not Design

Catherine Jones • Mar 14 2016 • Articles

There are reasons to doubt whether extended sanctions against North Korea will produce the outcomes that key players want to achieve

Interpreting Diplomacy: The Approach of the Early English School

Ian Hall • Feb 14 2016 • Articles

Abandoning interpretivism has paid dividends for the English School. Yet, it continues to be dogged by criticism that it is complacent when it comes to matters of method.

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