Beyond Chemical Weapons Control: Securing a Ceasefire and Broadening the Diplomatic Agenda on Syria

Robert Mason • Sep 20 2013 • Articles

With diplomatic relations improving between the US and Russia, it is time to consider diplomacy-driven measures to achieve a UN Security Council Resolution that establishes a durable Syrian peace process.

The Diplomacy of the Holy See in the Modern Era

Francis Rooney • Sep 9 2013 • Articles

The Holy See, lacking a territorial agenda, plays a unique role around the world today, and its diplomacy remains as relevant to humanity in the 21st century as it has been in the past.

Great Power Management: English School Meets Governmentality?

Alexander Astrov • May 20 2013 • Articles

Whilst there is hardly any doubt as to the existence of four of the five major institutions of international society identified by Hedley Bull, this is not the case with the fifth institution: great power management.

Opportunity and Peril in the North Korean Standoff

Dan G. Cox • Apr 9 2013 • Articles

Most pundits have determined that Kim Jong Un has consolidated power and is now about to, irrationally, strike out against South Korea and her allies. But, what if this assumption is an error?

What Would Happen If We Did Negotiate With Terrorists?

Tanzil Chowdhury • Mar 7 2013 • Articles

Designating and even vilifying actors with the label of ‘terrorist’ is a highly subjective matter. So how do we address the issue of negotiating with ‘terrorists’ without drowning in a quagmire of subjectivity?

How to Promote a Perspicacious Intercultural Dialogue?

Dieter Senghass • Feb 22 2013 • Articles

Rather than a “Clash of Civilizations”, Senghass argues there is a clash within civilizations and it should be met with a thoughtful and engaging dialogue that promotes peace and development.

The Empty Chair: Digital Diplomacy, Photography and the Staging of ‘Statecraft’

Alasdair Pinkerton and Klaus Dodds • Feb 14 2013 • Articles

Digital diplomacy brings new opportunities, but equally new responsibilities that are increasingly divested to the level of the individual ‘digital diplomat’.

Australia’s Economic and Security Dilemma: US or China?

Richard Zalski • Jan 6 2013 • Articles

To an external observer, it might seem like the US-Australian alliance is as strong as ever. However, if one looks deeper, rising discontent and disagreements are visible.

Definitions, Ideas, Visions and Challenges for Cultural Diplomacy

Karl-Erik Norrman • Jan 3 2013 • Articles

Cultural diplomacy is growing in significance. It utilizes the instruments of cultural and artistic life in a way which may make hearts and souls meet across borders.

Review – Holiday Reading

Thomas Messer • Dec 29 2012 • Features

As the holiday period descends and students and scholars take a break, how do you keep your brain from stagnating? This feature contains four book recommendations to keep your mind stimulated.

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