Donald Trump

Trump as the Beginning of Republican Party 2.0

Stephen McGlinchey • May 4 2016 • Articles

With Ted Cruz’s exit and Trump becoming the presumptive nominee, the Republican Party establishment have decided to lose the 2016 election.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership and the 2016 US Presidential Election

Tom Chodor • Apr 23 2016 • Articles

The popularity of Trump and Sanders indicate that the days when neoliberal globalisation heralded a prosperous and equitable world are long behind us.

Fear, Anger and Attitudes Toward Immigration

Rose McDermott • Mar 30 2016 • Articles

Fear and anger that undergird the reactions to outgroups contribute greatly to coalescing diverse interests into supporting strong border controls which exclude migrants.

Interview – Bruce Bueno de Mesquita

E-International Relations • Mar 28 2016 • Features

Bruce Bueno de Mesquita discusses game theory as an indicator of political outcomes, his correct Iran prediction, and the threat of Vladimir Putin in Syria.

Explaining Donald Trump’s Political Ascendancy

Carlos L. Yordán • Mar 19 2016 • Articles

Trump has been able build a coalition of conservative voters angry at the status quo and anxious about the future.

Anger, the Race for the Presidency and US Foreign Policy

Harvey M. Sapolsky • Feb 21 2016 • Articles

Trump’s lack of knowledge of foreign policy will draw the most attention for fear of him assuming command of America’s powerful and complex security apparatus.

Making Textual Analysis More Inclusive

Terrell Carver • Feb 21 2016 • Articles

‘Text’ is now a ‘how to’ list for the construction of communicative objects. Text has inclusively followed its own transcendence as a matter of communicative practice.

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