Review Feature – Organised Crime in Mexico

Richard W. Coughlin • Jan 17 2019 • Features

This review feature examines two books that address developments in organised crime in Mexico, the roots of violence, and the challenges faced by the new government.

Border Crossings: Our Criminals, Their Criminals, and “Good Fences”

Patricia J. Sohn • Sep 1 2018 • Articles

Not all borders are the same. But they all share one thing in common: people will cross them illegally if they can – if only for the fun of it.

Imperialism by Another Name: The US “War on Drugs” in Colombia

Grace Lee • Aug 22 2017 • Essays

This essay examines US policy towards Colombia from Truman to Reagan, tracing the emergent “war on drugs” and the related political, economic, and military strategies.

Review – Drug War Capitalism

Richard W. Coughlin • Aug 9 2017 • Features

Dawn Paley’s book captures the opportunistic capacity of neoliberal decision-makers to advance policy agendas through the War on Drugs in Latin America.

Interview – Harvey F. Kline

E-International Relations • Jul 23 2016 • Features

Professor Kline analyses the Colombian peace agreement, elaborates on the futility of guerrilla movements, and explains why Coca production has increased.

The Second Image Sometimes Reversed: Competing Interests in Drug Policy

Barnett S. Koven • Mar 8 2016 • Articles

Peruvian tribulations over drug policy under Humala indicates that the U.S. should not continue to expect steadfast support for its preferred policies in the region.

Review – Cooperation and Drug Polices in the Americas

Juan Carlos Garzón-Vergara • Feb 25 2016 • Features

A title that offers valuable lessons for scholars and practitioners, challenging traditional views about U.S. cooperation and highlighting the inertia of current policy.

Chapo ‘El Bandito’ Alger

Melixa Abad Izquierdo • Sep 2 2015 • Articles

If we come to see the drug epidemic as the health issue it is, el Chapo may become a genuine pop-cultural icon for the masses, not just a hackneyed Mexican ‘Robin Hood’.

How to End Mexico’s Drug War

Mabel González Bustelo • Jan 21 2014 • Articles

Mexico cannot afford to address its drug war with failed strategies. There is no alternative to state building. But this is a long term challenge which requires resources and high levels of political will.

Drug Control Policies are Changing: Why? And Why Has it Taken So Long?

Mike Trace • Nov 25 2013 • Articles

Administrations at all levels are busy reforming laws, strategies and programmes for controlling psychoactive drugs such as cannabis, cocaine & heroin. Why? Or alternatively, why has it taken so long?

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