Review – Routledge Handbook of Transnational Organized Crime

Robert Bunker • Nov 21 2013 • Features
Allum and Gilmour's Routledge anthology deftly fills the niche between more general encyclopedias of organized crime and those works focusing on specific individuals or genres of transnational actors.

Review – Mexican Cartel Essays and Notes

James Phelps • Sep 16 2013 • Features
Bunker's anthology deftly illustrates the diverse economic interests of Mexico’s cartels, and the role these groups continue to play in destabilizing the societies and governments of infiltrated nation-states.

Review – The Terrorist-Criminal Nexus

Robert Bunker • Jul 10 2013 • Features
Jennifer L. Hesterman's latest book straddles the line between a training and explanatory text, providing a welcome approach to understanding the growing threat of violent non-state actors.

Review – Criminal Insurgencies in Mexico

Robert Bonner • May 28 2013 • Features
Robert J. Bunker's wide ranging edited collection provides valuable insight into the activities of Mexican drug cartels and gangs - though the analysis is short on policy prescriptions.

Gang and TCO Activity in Mexico: Should the U.S. Be Concerned?

Max G. Manwaring • Dec 3 2012 • Articles
Dangerous Mexican gangs have successfully elevated themselves to the global security stage. Yet, nothing of Mexico was mentioned in the recent U.S. presidential election. Should American’s be more concerned?

The Historical Context of the War Against Doping in Sport

Maxwell J. Mehlman • Aug 18 2012 • Articles
Liberal societies must be wary of punishing citizens because they offend other citizens’ aesthetic sensibilities. This is permissible only under exceptional circumstances, and it is dubious that doping in sports qualifies.

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