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Seaman 3rd Class Eric Nobriga, assigned to Combined Anti-Armor Team 2, hands candy to Afghan children during a patrol in Nawa District, Helmand province, Afghanistan. 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment is one of the ground combat elements deployed with Regimental Combat Team 7, whose mission is to conduct counterinsurgency operations in partnership with the Afghan national security forces in southern Afghanistan.

The Maywand District Murders: Violence, Vulnerability and Desecrating the Body

The extraordinary level of pain and suffering that was inflicted on the body of Gul Mudin and others speaks to the peculiar relationship between violence and the body.

Embodied Subjectivities in International Relations

Embodied Subjectivities in International Relations

Theories of war and violence in IR depend on assumptions about the relationship between bodies, subjectivity, and violence that are often more implicit than explicit.

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