English School

The Need for an English School Research Programme

Robert W. Murray • Feb 2 2016 • Articles
Until practitioners begin to define precisely what an ES research programme would look like, the School’s impact on international theory remains outside the mainstream.

Another Revolt Against the West?

Jason Ralph • Jan 30 2016 • Articles
A post-Iraq United States suggests a weakening of the West’s willingness to maintain dominance; and the rise of China promises the return of a general balance of power.

Reassessing ‘The Expansion of International Society’

Richard Little • Jan 28 2016 • Articles
The expansion of the international society as articulated by the English School has come under increasing criticism for its putatively pronounced Eurocentric bias.

An Overview of the English School’s Engagement with Human Rights

Adrian Gallagher • Jan 24 2016 • Articles
The English School in IR theory has an under-theorised understanding of humanity which in turn fails to explain why ‘we’ should act to save ‘them’.

World Society and English School Methods

Cornelia Navari • Jan 17 2016 • Articles
Contrary to the billiard-ball metaphor of international politics, states are not just individual elements in a system. They form a 'world society'.

Edited Collection – System, Society and the World: Exploring the English School

E-International Relations • Dec 5 2015 • Features
This volume, now in its 2nd edition, brings together some of the most important voices on the English School to highlight the multifaceted nature of the School’s applications in IR. Edited by Robert W. Murray.

The International Community: Conceptual Insights from Law and Sociology

Dennis R. Schmidt • Nov 27 2015 • Articles
While talk would suggest that there exists some kind of unitary and durable actor called ‘international community’, it is far from clear who or what it represents.

The State of the Art of the English School

Filippo Costa Buranelli • Sep 18 2015 • Articles
The English School has resisted well to criticism and calls for closure over the years, refining some of its under-specified aspects without losing its central identity

The Past Is Dead. Long Live the Past! A Manifesto for (Teaching) Social Change

Maïa Pal • Jul 17 2015 • Articles
Historiography becomes not only a valuable object of study, but also a crucial reminder that every present has its own version of the past.

Civilizations and Global Hierarchies: An English School Approach

Yannis Stivachtis • May 28 2015 • Articles
The concept of ‘civilization’ differentiates, evaluates, includes, and excludes. In doing so, the civilization discourse creates global hierarchies.

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