The Rise of Paradiplomacy in International Relations

Mariano Alvarez • Mar 17 2020 • Articles
The rise of paradiplomatic activity, which has been recognized and normalized, should not be seen as a displacement of the state but as its complement within IR.

Review – Connected Sociologies

Lisa Tilley • Feb 15 2017 • Features
As sociology’s imagined European centre comes apart, Bhambra's book will remain a vital text for those wishing to understand where we have been and where we are going to.

Taking Time Seriously and the Value of Generational Analysis in IR

Tim Luecke • Aug 9 2016 • Articles
If we want to take time seriously in IR we will need to think through the epistemological implications and complications entailed in making such an analytical shift.

Interview – J. Ann Tickner

E-International Relations • Mar 6 2016 • Features
Professor J. Ann Ticker discusses the vibrancy of contemporary feminist IR, the divide between positivism and postpositivism and the need for IR from the margins.

Sociotheology: The Significance of Religious Worldviews

Mona Kanwal Sheikh • Dec 14 2015 • Articles
Being empathetic is not the same as morally approving of violence but understanding that there can be a political and religious rationale behind ‘their’ violence.

Anarchism and Non-Representational Theory in the Social Sciences

Tom Smith • Aug 7 2015 • Articles
While the British cybernetics movement remained marginalized, anarchism can be viewed with more relevance in a post-representational social scientific milieu.

Interview – Stephen Hopgood

E-International Relations • Jul 3 2015 • Features
Professor Hopgood discusses the "dissolution of the West", the dilemmas of human rights activism, and the obstacles to achieving humanitarian aims via the ICC and R2P.

Review – Culture Troubles: Politics and the Interpretation of Meaning

Dana Gold • Apr 22 2015 • Features
Irrespective of slight flaws, the authors provide a convincing analysis in favour of a cultural approach that provides a voice to those who are all too often overlooked.

Towards Heartfelt Positivity as a New Approach for (Feminist) IR

Elina Penttinen • Jun 10 2013 • Articles
Feminist IR is preoccupied with the study of suffering, exploitation and vulnerabilities. A new approach should draw upon posthumanism to include joy, amusement and heartfelt positivity.

Masculinity in IR: Feminist Interventions

Brett Remkus • Aug 16 2012 • Articles
Feminist scholarship has highlighted a problem in studying gender within IR, which rests not in the problem of “missing men” but rather the elision of women and women’s perspectives.

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