Four Things I Don’t like about the Advance Discussion of Eye in the Sky

Martin Coward • Apr 15 2016 • Articles

Does the movie ‘Eye in the Sky’ really provide insight into targeted killing? Here are four reasons why we ought to be suspicious.

Killing by Remote Control: Western Countries Relying on Technology in the Military

Alex Harris • Mar 7 2016 • Essays

The growing reliance on drones highlights the Western requirement for precision, accountability, and a reduction in collateral damage

Global Justice: An Exegesis of Contemporary Theories

Corey McCabe • Jan 29 2016 • Essays

The lack of consensus on global justice is a microcosm of schisms present in international relations perspectives.

Review – Volunteer Tourism in the Global South

Cori Jakubiak • Sep 21 2015 • Features

Examining our attachments to ethical consumption practices such as volunteer tourism, Vrasti’s book sheds light on its links to capitalism and neoliberal subjectivity.

Review – The Routledge Companion to Ethics, Politics and Organizations

Nicholas Tampio • Sep 5 2015 • Features

This Routledge volume provides an excellent overview of how organization theorists are searching for post-communist paradigms to contest the march of neoliberalism.

Interview – Kimberly Hutchings

E-International Relations • Oct 24 2014 • Features

Prof. Hutchings talks about the usefulness of debates in international theory, violence, and ethics, and the importance of challenging gender discrimination in academia.

Eight Substrates for a Possible Universal Axiology

Nayef Al-Rodhan • Oct 21 2014 • Articles

An agenda that reinforces and demonstrates the history of cultural cross-pollination is key to framing today’s era of continued globalisation in positive terms.

The Ethics of Killer Robots

Ryan Jenkins • Jul 23 2014 • Articles

As the line between peace and war further blurs, autonomous weapons offer clear advantages while simultaneously raising powerful, but somewhat nebulous, moral concerns.

The Tale of a ‘Realism’ in International Relations

Hartmut Behr and Xander Kirke • Jun 13 2014 • Articles

The tale of a contiguous Realist tradition, running the gamut from Thucydides to Morgenthau, occludes these thinkers’ strong normative commitments.

What NSA Leaks Reveal about Ethics in America’s Intelligence Community

Michael Andregg • Jan 12 2014 • Articles

American intelligence community employees are devoted to the welfare of their countries and citizens, but they must deal with bureaucracies that often punish people who act on ethical insights.

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