The Ethical Abyss of the Ticking Bomb Scenario

Michelle Farrell • Sep 10 2013 • Articles

Can torture be justified in exceptional circumstances? It is essential to relentlessly deconstruct both the premise of this question and the debates it engenders.

Just War Theory and the Ethics of Drone Warfare

Erich Freiberger • Jul 18 2013 • Articles

Ethics and the Just War tradition can be used to illuminate important questions in a way that clearly shows what is missing in the Obama administration’s approach to the use of drones.

Justifying Violence: Communicative Ethics and the Use of Force in Kosovo

Naomi Head • Jun 21 2013 • Articles

Communicative ethics is not about passing moral judgement on the use of force in Kosovo, but rather of demonstrating legitimacy shortcomings by identifying constraints on communicative practices.

“Killer Robots”: Double Standards? Blind Faith?

Michael Aaronson • Jun 7 2013 • Articles

It is strange that we vest in a piece of machinery the moral blame that belongs to humans, and alarming that faith in technology and the power of numbers is leading us down a dangerous path.

Much Ado About Killer Robots

Alexander Leveringhaus • Jun 4 2013 • Articles

The spectre of Killer Robots is haunting the world. However, it is by no means clear what they are. Humans have not needed much persuasion to kill. Are robots really any worse?

Phronesis, Ethics and Realism

Richard Shapcott • Feb 7 2013 • Articles

Realist accounts of phronesis are misguided. Phronesis is not just prudence in the sense of a reasoned recognition of the limits of what can be done, but also an ethical virtue that involves reflection on means and ends.

The Future of Killer Robots: Are We Really Losing Humanity?

Ian Shaw • Dec 11 2012 • Articles

We cannot unmake the drone any more than we can unmake the nuclear bomb. They both sit in the world as technological anchors and lock-in a trajectory few of us can change.

Jury Still Out on Killer Robots

Paul Robinson • Dec 10 2012 • Articles

Killer robots have long been a staple of science fiction. Yet, the prospect of so-called ‘lethal autonomous robots’ is now far more real. As a result pressure is growing to outlaw them before they become an established part of warfare.

Phronesis and Foreign Policy in Theory and Practice

David M. McCourt • Nov 23 2012 • Articles

Phronēsis is not of the academy, but of the political world. The key question, is not how IR scholars can “produce” phronēsis but how we can—alongside other international political knowledge producers—help foster it.

Hitting the Target?

Michael Aaronson • Jul 17 2012 • Articles

The only thing that is precise about drone strikes is the machine that delivers them. We should be realistic about how much we can programme imprecision out of our lives – and more modest about the true nature of precision strikes.

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