European Union

Opinion – The Libyan Border as a Testing Ground for European Sovereignty

Robert Palmer • Jan 19 2022 • Articles

In recent years, consensus on EU immigration policy has taken a bruising and any future definition remains in flux — much like the European project as a whole.

Opinion – A Daunting Agenda for France’s EU Presidency

Alexander Brotman • Jan 9 2022 • Articles

Often presented as a grand strategist with outsized, grandiose ambitions, Macron’s greatest challenge may be in just containing Europe rather than expanding its powers and capabilities.

Opinion – US Carbon Border Mechanism in the Twilight Zone

Ann-Evelyn Luyten • Dec 7 2021 • Articles

The US and the EU can cooperate closely to address carbon leakage and create a momentum in significantly reducing carbon emission.

Interview – Caroline de Gruyter

E-International Relations • Nov 11 2021 • Features

Caroline de Gruyter talks about the relationship between Europe and the Hapsburg Empire, the EU’s role in contemporary international politics, and the image of the EU in the media today.

Opinion – China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Pragmatism over Morals?

Tabita Rosendal • Oct 18 2021 • Articles

Despite criticism, the Belt and Road Initiative and the pragmatic values associated with Chinese investments are unlikely to lose popularity any time soon.

Interview – Benjamin Barton

E-International Relations • Oct 3 2021 • Features

Benjamin Barton talks about China’s Belt and Road and Maritime Silk Road Initiatives, as well as China’s relations with India and the EU.

Interview – Jessica Dorsey

E-International Relations • Aug 12 2021 • Features

Legal scholar Jessica Dorsey talks about debates in technology, particularly drone warfare, accountability and transparency, as well as EU and US approaches.

European Union Readmission Agreements: Deportation as a Gateway to Displacement?

Manuela da Rosa Jorge • Jul 5 2021 • Articles

Despite using terms such as ‘return’, ‘removal’, and ‘readmission,’ the EU subjugates individuals by enforcing them to another re-displacement through deportation.

Assessing the Responsibility of EU Officials for Crimes Against Migrants in Libya

Pat Rubio Bertran • Jul 2 2021 • Articles

There is a need to assess the implications of the EU’s collaboration with Libya, not as an international organization but as an individual agent.

On the Margins of EU-rope: Colonial Violence at the Bosnian-Croatian Frontier

Benedetta Zocchi • Jun 30 2021 • Articles

Conventional practices of EU bordering can be questioned as being directly connected with the colonial codification of difference between worthy and unworthy peoples.

At the EU-Turkey Border, Human Rights Violations are No Longer Clandestine Operations

Meredith Veit and Flo Strass • Jun 3 2021 • Articles

If the Greek islands are closing down legitimate operations for humanitarian assistance, it will take a large toll on migrants and EU citizens alike.

The European Peace Facility and the Legitimation of European Arms Exports

Marijn Hoijtink and Hanna L. Muehlenhoff • Jun 1 2021 • Articles

The EPF accelerates the EU’s turn to militarism and masculinised power, while also raising questions about how risk management practices deem military assistance and arms provisions legitimate.

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