European Union

Remote Warfare in the Sahel and a Role for the European Union

Delina Goxho • Feb 25 2021 • Articles

Remote warfare conducted by Western forces is shifting its focus to the Sahel and as European states try to rely less on the US security apparatus, old legal challenges.

Improving the EU Response to Pandemics: Key Lessons from Other Crisis Management Domains

Anne-Laure Beaussier and Lydie Cabane • Jan 28 2021 • Articles

COVID-19 offered an opportunity to structurally reform the instruments of the health security framework to better respond to future outbreaks.

Introducing Varieties of European Subsidiarity

Günter Walzenbach and Ralf Alleweldt • Jan 24 2021 • Articles

The question of how powers should be distributed between the EU and the member states requires an empirical investigation into the practical application of subsidiarity from the perspective of multiple disciplines.

Joe Biden and the Future of Transatlantic Relations

Hendrik W. Ohnesorge • Dec 1 2020 • Articles

In a world beset with a wide array of global challenges close European-American and especially German-American relations will indeed be vital.

Defence Concentration in Sovereign Industries Post-Covid-19

Yash Brambhatt • Nov 28 2020 • Articles

In order to compete with the US and China, European companies must eliminate redundancies and fratricidal competition to guarantee sovereign access to certain technologies.

Influential but Indifferent? Assessing the Role of the Public in European Politics

Joris Melman • Nov 24 2020 • Articles

Even though most Europeans seem to lack interest in (or at least knowledge of) European policymaking, the role of public opinion is bigger than ever.

The Limits of the EU Enlargement in the Western Balkans

Spyridon Plakoudas • Nov 14 2020 • Articles

Two decades following the end of the Yugoslav Wars, the EU has not yet been able to integrate fully the Western Balkans.

Opinion – A New Pact on Migration and Asylum in Europe

Monika Kabata • Oct 9 2020 • Articles

As the European Union deliberates, migration to Europe won’t stop. The member states, sooner or later, will have to agree on the direction of migration policy.

Assessing Securitization: China’s Belt and Road Initiative

Katja Banik and Jan Lüdert • Oct 4 2020 • Articles

As the Belt and Road Initiative unfolds, illusions underlying prevailing ideologies must be bridged by moving towards a global governance based on human values.

What Are the Hindrances to the Study of Regionalism?

Albert Hayrapetyan • Oct 2 2020 • Articles

The increased interest in the study of regionalism and its conceptual, theoretical and methodological problems pose a serious challenge to this relatively new field.

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