European Union

European Union Readmission Agreements: Deportation as a Gateway to Displacement?

Manuela da Rosa Jorge • Jul 5 2021 • Articles

Despite using terms such as ‘return’, ‘removal’, and ‘readmission,’ the EU subjugates individuals by enforcing them to another re-displacement through deportation.

Assessing the Responsibility of EU Officials for Crimes Against Migrants in Libya

Pat Rubio Bertran • Jul 2 2021 • Articles

There is a need to assess the implications of the EU’s collaboration with Libya, not as an international organization but as an individual agent.

On the Margins of EU-rope: Colonial Violence at the Bosnian-Croatian Frontier

Benedetta Zocchi • Jun 30 2021 • Articles

Conventional practices of EU bordering can be questioned as being directly connected with the colonial codification of difference between worthy and unworthy peoples.

At the EU-Turkey Border, Human Rights Violations are No Longer Clandestine Operations

Meredith Veit and Flo Strass • Jun 3 2021 • Articles

If the Greek islands are closing down legitimate operations for humanitarian assistance, it will take a large toll on migrants and EU citizens alike.

The European Peace Facility and the Legitimation of European Arms Exports

Marijn Hoijtink and Hanna L. Muehlenhoff • Jun 1 2021 • Articles

The EPF accelerates the EU’s turn to militarism and masculinised power, while also raising questions about how risk management practices deem military assistance and arms provisions legitimate.

Opinion – The Coming of Age of the European Union’s Indo-Pacific Strategy

Shreya Sinha • May 19 2021 • Articles

It is imperative for EU to not succumb into irrelevance by becoming a toothless tiger in order to eventually be a truly strategic global geopolitical actor.

Interview – Erik Jones

E-International Relations • May 6 2021 • Features

Erik Jones talks about the EU’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic, multinational governance, economic disparities, and the future of European integration.

EU Policy on Internal Security and the Subsidiarity Principle

Hartmut Aden • Apr 5 2021 • Articles

The fate of security cooperation in the future depends upon the development of old and new trans-border threats that may trigger intensified cooperation, and on the wish to maintain sovereignty.

Subsidiarity Versus Solidarity? EU Asylum and Immigration Policy

Marco Balboni • Mar 29 2021 • Articles

An effort should be made to find a balance between measures which have to be adopted at a central or coordinated level and measures which need to remain in the hands of governments.

The Subsidiarity Principle in EU Environmental Law

Sian Affolter • Mar 26 2021 • Articles

The principle of subsidiarity in EU environmental law suggests a distinction between actions aiming for genuine environmental protection and actions aiming primarily at market integration.

The Subsidiarity Principle and European Refugee Law

Ralf Alleweldt • Mar 23 2021 • Articles

Subsidiarity may be a strong argument in the political debate on draft legislative proposals as it is unlikely that new asylum legislation will contain any disproportionate or unreasonable demands.

Subsidiarity: A Principle for Global Trade Governance?

Günter Walzenbach • Mar 20 2021 • Articles

If global governance is to be more than a proxy for a bargain between powerful states, the calibration associated with further codification seems inevitable.

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