fake news

Battling Fake News and (In)Security during COVID-19

At a time of coronavirus, governments all have an interest in understanding and countering the spread of misinformation on social media platforms.

Interview – Adrian Monck

E-International Relations • Jul 4 2019 • Features

Head of Communications and Media at the World Economic Forum, Adrian Monck, discusses his role, fake news, the media and trust, and he responds to critiques of the forum.

Hacking Westphalia: ICT Infrastructures, Fake News and Global Politics

Andrea Pavón-Guinea • Jan 21 2019 • Articles

Digital platforms have opened the way for people to connect, debate and gather information; yet they have also increased the spread of fake news.

The Importance of Media Literacy in the Classroom

Dillon Tatum • Jul 21 2018 • Articles

If we want students to learn about the world, how it works, how structures and processes are connected, this requires students to engage with news media.

Student Feature – Advice on Using Sources

Stephen McGlinchey • Dec 21 2016 • Student Features

Referencing sources is a core skill in academia. It is an important element of scholarly writing, and one that you should master for your own studies.

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