New Media and Latin American Violent Movements

W. Alejandro Sánchez and Kelly Morrison • Jul 2 2014 • Articles

Social media have enabled Latin American violent movements to share their stories, whether this be the nobility of their causes or the extravagance of their lifestyles.

The Perils of Simultaneous COIN and Counternarcotics in Peru and Colombia

Barnett S. Koven • Apr 28 2014 • Articles

Simultaneously pursuing COIN and CN operations is an ineffective way of combating insurgent violence fueled by narco-funding in Peru and Colombia.

Colombia’s Peace Process: Agrarian Reform and Rural Development

William Avilés • Jul 6 2013 • Articles

The FARC-Government’s recent accord on agrarian reform represents a positive step in the current peace process, however, there are important obstacles facing its implementation.

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