Sensible Politics: Expanding from Visual IR to Multisensory Politics

William A. Callahan • Apr 2 2020 • Articles

Sensible Politics aims to decenter our understanding of international politics by expanding to include the visual and the multisensory, and expanding from Eurocentric investigations of visual IR.

Review – Seeing Politics

Dean Cooper-Cunningham • Sep 30 2019 • Features

Using narrative feature film as a method of co-production, Harman brings feminist and decolonial works into conversation with the visual and aesthetic turns in IR.

Interview – Sophie Harman

E-International Relations • Jun 2 2019 • Features

Sophie Harman spoke to us about her BAFTA nominated film Pili, film as a research method, issues in global health governance and agency in feminist decolonial research.

Review – Brexit: The Uncivil War

Russell Foster • Feb 5 2019 • Features

This drama speaks to the divide between old and new politics, civility and hatred, and largely succeeds in a balanced critique of both the Leave and Remain campaigns.

Aquaman: a New Year Parable In Race and Ethnicity

Patricia Sohn • Jan 12 2019 • Articles

The recent Hollywood adaptation of Aquaman provides an important metaphor for racial conflict, and a timely talking point in modern society.

Fiction, Film & Empiricism: Comparative Politics as Action and Adventure

Patricia Sohn • Sep 29 2018 • Articles

Works of art in novels, classic travelogues, and film have a strong, evocative power for students of comparative politics.

Review – Lupe Under the Sun

Francisco Laguna-Correa • Nov 15 2017 • Features

Director Rodrigo Reyes’ film portrays a realist yet dreamlike exploration of the everyday activities of an ageing undocumented Mexican labourer in the United States.

Raj Kapoor and India’s Foremost Cinematic Soft Power Breakthrough

Anubhav Roy • Jan 23 2017 • Articles

Soft power has fast matured into a sine qua non of international political conduct. Awara inadvertently became soft power, facilitating Soviet trust of India.

Mainstream Film and the Middle East

Patricia Sohn • Jan 21 2017 • Articles

A recent trend in film-making is bringing to Western audiences a more grounded Middle East.

Like Drone Strikes, ‘Eye in the Sky’ Is Much Less Accurate than Claimed

Alex Edney-Browne • May 25 2016 • Articles

Eye in the Sky fails to explore the real utilitarian calculations, and ethical concerns, of the US Coalition drone programme.

Four Things I Don’t like about the Advance Discussion of Eye in the Sky

Martin Coward • Apr 15 2016 • Articles

Does the movie ‘Eye in the Sky’ really provide insight into targeted killing? Here are four reasons why we ought to be suspicious.

Popular Geopolitics and the ‘War on Terror’

Klaus Dodds • May 10 2015 • Articles

Representational logics, emotion and affect, and intertextuality offer methodological insights into how popular geopolitics connects to the war on terror.

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