Free Syrian Army

Turkey’s Operation in Syria and the Future of the Syrian Civil War

Burak Cop • Sep 26 2016 • Articles

Erdoğan and his allies need to come to terms with the reality that the only way to foster Syrian national unity is to have cordial relations with Syrian Arab Republic.

Syria and the Dawn of a New Era

Aidan Hehir • Feb 23 2014 • Articles

The Syrian crisis marks the beginning of a new era of multi-polarity; one which will be characterised by the spectacle of divisive and competitive power politics.

How War Weary Are We?

Harvey M. Sapolsky • Sep 15 2013 • Articles

The Iraq and Afghanistan wars have made the U.S. public war weary, which is constraining Obama’s efforts to mobilize support for a strike against the Assad regime. But, how accurate is this picture?

The Syria on the Horizon

William Harris • Jun 14 2013 • Articles

Bashar al-Assad and his circle will continue to refuse any Syria that is not theirs. There is no daylight for diplomacy here. A plausible scenario involves a war of multiple phases lasting years.

Should Western Nations Arm Syrian Rebels?

Samer N. Abboud • May 10 2013 • Articles

There is a compelling case for increased militarization in the ongoing Syrian crisis, but such an intervention may seriously affect the prospects of finding a political solution to the conflict.

The Syrian Army and the Coming Winter War

Glen Segell • Oct 11 2012 • Articles

Assad and the Syrian military are bound together in their fate. Preserving Assad’s power is crucial to keep the armed forces in safe employment – a lifestyle that could scarcely be an option under a new government.

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