Hassan al-Banna: A Starting Point for Contemporary Islamic Fundamentalism

Mona Saleh • Jan 18 2016 • Essays
Al-Banna's ideas of Islam's superiority, of his conception of Islam to others, and the monopoly of the absolute truth are the first steps to judge Others as unbelievers.

The Islamic State – One Year On

Mohammed Nuruzzaman • Jul 15 2015 • Articles
The IS can no longer be viewed as a passing phenomenon and may expand in the future - unless it is coerced into total submission or at least denied a footprint in Iraq.

The Fundamentalists Plurality Problem

Chris Crews • May 1 2015 • Articles
At the heart of our problems it is the fundamentalist imaginary, in both its economic and political forms, which has locked us into our present destructive cycles.

ISIL, Ideology, and Islamic Militancy – Where is the Centre of Gravity?

Stephen Pitt-Walker • Jan 25 2015 • Articles
The solution to the rise of ISIL lies in locating the ideology’s centre of gravity and strategizing its containment if not its demise.

The Sovereign Nation-State as a Contributor to Terrorism

Strobe Driver • Oct 25 2014 • Articles
The 'rise' of terrorism has been caused by powerful Western and Euro-centric states, and the UN has failed in its distribution of fair and reasonable jurisprudence.

Conversion and Fundamentalism: A Challenge to Islam and the Liberal Order

Esther • Jan 15 2008 • Articles
There are many reasons people choose to convert. Some do so for love and marriage, others because they are looking for spiritual meaning. However, there are also those who convert to Islam as an alternative to the current liberal ideology. Especially after the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers, converts tend to lean more towards political choices rather than spiritualism and personal choice.

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