Interview – Michael Stephens

E-International Relations • Oct 26 2017 • Features
RUSI's Michael Stephens answers questions on the recent referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan, Trump's Middle East policy, developments in Syria and the Iran nuclear deal.

US Credibility in the Middle East and the Nuclear Deal with Iran

Srinjoy Bose and Firouzeh Khoshnoudiparast • Jun 6 2015 • Articles
The US credibility in the Middle East depends on the successful implementation of policies to maintain regime stability and ensure the status quo of power in the region.

Upgrading the Arab League by Establishing a Joint Military Force?

Martin Beck • May 22 2015 • Articles
It cannot be excluded that the initiative to build a Arab military force will share the fate of previous launches: a big announcement followed by a rather low performance

Baghdad’s Security Cooperation Dilemma: Military Assistance to Iraq in 2012 and Beyond

Oleg Svet • Aug 30 2012 • Articles
Washington’s best long-term strategy in Iraq is to seek economic, political, and security cooperation while recognizing the difficulties in Baghdad, as Iraqi policymakers attempt to rebuild a country caught up in a larger geopolitical tug-of-war.

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