Gender and Sexuality

Gender, Sexuality and International Relations

Rosie Walters • Mar 28 2022 • Online resources

Norms around gender and sexuality shape the roles we take on in society, our freedoms and rights and even whether we live or die.

Interview – Hurricane Kimchi and Ali Zahoor

E-International Relations • Jul 9 2021 • Features

Hurricane Kimchi and Ali Zahoor talk LGBTQ+ activism and drag art in South Korea and internationally.

Interview – Andrew Delatolla

E-International Relations • Jun 25 2021 • Features

Andrew Delatolla discusses Queer IR, the contemporary governance of sexuality in the West, ‘homocolonialism’ and his upcoming edited volume.

Homocolonialism: Sexual Governance, Gender, Race and the Nation-State

Andrew Delatolla • May 11 2021 • Articles

The consequence of homocolonialism can obstruct the radical queer politics that have challenged the oppressive forces of the gendered and heterosexed nation-state.

A Global Movement to End Violence against Women in Politics and Public Life

Mona Lena Krook • Apr 25 2021 • Articles

Expanding global attention on violence against women provides an unprecedented opportunity to build on this momentum.

Gender-Transformative Peacebuilding in Colombia

Mia Schöb • Apr 22 2021 • Articles

The ‘mini-state’ of the family is a core space where peace and state are built from the ground up, where gender norms are re-negotiated and transformed.

Queer(y)ing Brexit: Sexuality and the Shifting Nature of Remainer and Leaver Worldviews

Jack Lindsay • Apr 1 2021 • Articles

Remain and Leave supporters have utilised discourses of sexuality to rarefy the Remain-Leave binary antagonism in the UK.

Setting the Example? A Gendered Approach on Fighting Covid-19

Bárbara Lopes Campos • Mar 25 2021 • Articles

With more women stepping into office, and with incumbent female politicians managing to remain in power, the current global health crisis could be appeased sooner rather than later.

LGBTQ+ History Month Interviews

E-International Relations • Feb 22 2021 • Features

To celebrate LGBTQ+ History Month we asked previous contributors to E-IR whether they think the discipline of IR has made important strides to equally incorporate LGBTQ+ perspectives, ideas and histories.

Opinion – How Polish Women Fight Their Right-Wing Government

Monika Kabata and Kateřina Krulišová • Jan 26 2021 • Articles

The situation in Poland is a symptom of the global backlash against women’s rights. At the same time, it shows the power of peaceful protest and the importance of feminist solidarity.

Queering Genocide: How Can Sexuality Be Incorporated Into Analyses Of Genocide?

Patrick Vernon • Jan 13 2021 • Articles

Understanding more about the sexuality of genocidal violence will only come from an analysis of heterosexuality as a system of logic.

Technologies of Truth and the LGBTI+ Asylum Reality

Ricardo Prata Filho • Dec 8 2020 • Articles

The truths that science seek should be viewed with caution by those who implement the rules and have the power to apply their effects to the harsh reality of LGBTI+ people around the world.

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