Gender and Sexuality

Opinion – Covid-19 in Colombia: Migration, Armed Conflict and Gendered Violence

Priscyll Anctil Avoine • Jun 10 2020 • Articles
As violence is part of daily reality in several countries, the pandemic and political and economic measures should be approached differently.

Review – Gendering Diplomacy and International Negotiation

Dana Cooper • May 21 2020 • Features
This cohesive edited volume brings together a broad range of research on gender within the foreign service, peacemaking, and international negotiation.

Afghan Women in Geopolitical Imaginaries: Between NATO and India

Devaditya Agnihotri and Katharine A. M. Wright • May 11 2020 • Articles
The focus on personal stories in the media obscures the uncomfortable truth of the dire situation for Afghan women and their underrepresentation in Afghan armed forces.

Failing in the Reflexive and Collaborative Turns: Empire, Colonialism, Gender and the Impossibilities of North-South Collaborations

Desirée Poets • Apr 9 2020 • Articles
As Postcolonial Theory becomes accepted in the mainstream, how do we control the means through which academia aims to re-invent its as only seemingly more benign?

Opinion – The Gendered Consequences of Coronavirus

Katelyn Jones and Tria Raimundo • Mar 26 2020 • Articles
Women are especially affected by Coronavirus. Ensuring policies are responsive to the different ways women experience it is critical to ensure wellbeing.

International Women’s Day Interviews

E-International Relations • Mar 8 2020 • Features
To celebrate International Women's Day we asked some of our former interviewees what we can do to forge a gender equal discipline.

Interview – Anne-Kathrin Kreft

E-International Relations • Nov 29 2019 • Features
Anne-Kathrin Kreft talks about the discourse and perceptions around conflict-related sexual violence and reflects on the affects of sensitive fieldwork on researchers.

Machiavelli as Misogynist: The Masculinization of Fortuna and Virtù

Sarah Clifford and Scott N. Romaniuk • Nov 27 2019 • Articles
Although Machiavelli’s founding of Realist thought in politics was revolutionary, one must consider the nuanced misogynistic intonations he utilized throughout his piece.

Interview – Toni Haastrup

E-International Relations • Oct 24 2019 • Features
Toni Haastrup discusses the importance of Black History Month, challenges faced by the African Union, the Women, Peace and Security Agenda, EU-AU relations and Brexit.

Islamic State Men and Women Must be Treated the Same

Katelyn Jones • Aug 26 2019 • Articles
Treating men and women ISIS members differently in court not only undermines judicial fairness, it also hinders counterterrorism and threatens security.

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