Opinion – Georgia’s Democracy Still in Peril

Martin Duffy • Oct 9 2021 • Articles

It seems unlikely that a new reconciliation spirit for coalition-building will emerge. Instead, Georgia’s politicians will engage in another dogfight over the corpse of a tentative democracy.

Review – The Bivocal Nation

Stéphane Voell • Jan 28 2020 • Features

Batiashvili explores Georgian statehood and history by evaluating Georgian national narratives and ‘bivocality’ to understand how the modern nation has been formed.

Interview – Wojciech Lorenz

E-International Relations • Jan 29 2018 • Features

Wojciech Lorenz discusses the effect of the election of Donald Trump and events in Turkey on NATO, potential NATO enlargement and Poland’s current security situation.

Vegans Vs. Sausage-wielding Nationalists; Or, How I Miffed Your Motherland

Eliot Borenstein • Jun 2 2016 • Articles

The sausage-throwing incident at a vegan cafe’ in Georgia reveals plenty about what the problem is with veganism in the post-Soviet world.

Current Military and Political Menaces in the South Caucasus

Eduard Abrahamyan • Feb 11 2015 • Articles

Coercion and blackmail towards neighbors may be an inherent feature of Putin’s current policy. Thus, Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan are not immune to Russian actions.

Review – Putin’s Wars: The Rise of Russia’s New Imperialism

Valerie Pacer • Aug 5 2014 • Features

Van Herpen expertly details the complicated legacy that empire has on the modern Russian state – and offers an important background to on-going events in Ukraine.

Did BLACKSEAFOR Ever Have a Chance?

W. Alejandro Sanchez • Nov 18 2012 • Articles

At the operational level, the Black Sea Naval Cooperation Task Group has been relatively successful. Nevertheless, the goal to serve as a security confidence building mechanism never had a chance to succeed given the nature of the region’s geopolitics.

Review – Russian Foreign Policy: From Nation State to Global Risk Sharing

Louie Woodall • Jul 22 2011 • Features

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia endured a difficult rebirth into a unipolar world order where it struggled to find a place. Dr. Nicolai Petro traces the journey the nation’s governments have made since this painful transition and looks to the continuing evolution of Russia’s diplomatic identity.

The new Russian military doctrine: more of the same?

Bruno Quadros e Quadros • Sep 19 2010 • Articles

The long-awaited publication of the Military Doctrine of the Russian Federation in February 2010 was the result of years of debate within the Russian military and political establishment. It outlines a post facto legitimization of Russia’s role in the August War against Georgia in 2008 and of other initiatives adopted by Moscow in the field of international security in the new century

How NATO and Russia are Shaping the Future of European Security

Daryl Morini • Mar 25 2010 • Articles

The kind of conventional military brinkmanship going on at the common NATO-Russia border is not good news. A phenomenon not seen since the frostiest Cold War periods. If the last East-West confrontation offers a cautionary tale, it is that the situation urgently needs to be de-escalated, before worst-case scenarios become self-fulfilling prophecies.

South Ossetia and Georgia’s aggressive state-integrationism

George Hewitt • Jul 26 2009 • Articles

Georgia has been guilty of aggressive state-integrationism, and, by its unquestioning support for Georgia’s ‘territorial integrity’, the international community fully shares the guilt for the bloodshed in Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Georgia has squandered any moral claim to control the respective territories.

Iran’s Energy Mix and Europe’s Energy Strategy

Reza Molavi and Mohammed Shareef • Dec 20 2008 • Articles

The recent Russian-Georgian conflict brought to the forefront several important international issues, not least the thorny problems concerning Russia’s energy clout and the European Union’s energy vulnerability. It became increasingly clear that Russia has no intention of becoming a passive or marginalised power. Simultaneously, current containment policy towards Iran is failing. . It is important that Iran be part of near-future investment programmes and arrangements – both economically and politically.

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