The Herero and Nama Genocide, the Holocaust, and the Question of German Reparations

Howard Rechavia-Taylor and A. Dirk Moses • Aug 27 2021 • Articles

Legacies of dispossession and murder in relation to diasporic and continental Africans, their histories, and their lifeworlds have been demoted by the German state.

Europe’s Hegemon? The Nature of German Power During Europe’s Crisis Decade

Alberto Cunha • Aug 23 2021 • Articles

In light of a series of recent events such as the migrant crisis and Brexit, Germans increasingly want to discuss their role in the EU and how better to use German power.

‘Press the Reset Button:’ Right-Wing Extremism in Germany’s Military

Tobias Hof • Sep 18 2020 • Articles

Countering right-wing extremism within the armed forces requires a broad strategy which takes into account the rise of right-wing extremism in all aspects of German life.

Opinion – The US and Nord Stream 2 Geopolitics

Ragul Palanisami • Aug 12 2020 • Articles

Nord Stream 2 has further exposed the divisions within EU and allowed the US to have a balancing impact on the varying interests of different European countries.

Post-Brexit EU Defence Policy: Is Germany Leading towards a European Army?

Alberto Cunha • Jul 5 2020 • Articles

In the wake of Trump’s unilateralism, France and Germany have repeated proposals to create a European army, but different ideas persist about what this would mean.

Review – The Economic Consequences of the Peace

John Hawkins • Dec 13 2019 • Features

The centenary edition of Keynes’ classic text is still a worthwhile read today, highlighting that Europe’s future relies on its cooperation.

Germany and the New Global Order: The Country’s Power Resources Reassessed

Rainer Hillebrand • Sep 22 2019 • Articles

By strengthening its power resources, Germany can lay the foundations for more active leadership globally and through a strengthened European liberal order.

Interview – Hans Carl von Werthern

E-International Relations • Jul 11 2019 • Features

Ambassador Hans Carl von Werthern discusses Germany-Japan relations, proposals for reform of the UN Security Council, and the impact of the Fukushima disaster in Germany.

The German Way of Securitizing the BDS Movement

Martin Beck • Jun 17 2019 • Articles

Critique of Israeli policy is the expression of a political opinion that targets a state and its policy. It is fundamentally distinct from anti-Semitism as the expression of racism.

Review – Media, Propaganda and the Politics of Intervention

Greg Simons • Jun 7 2019 • Features

Zollman’s book provides a well-supported analysis of the nature and significance of media, propaganda and intervention using six key events reported in three countries.

The Weimar Republic’s Policies Towards the Baltic Germans

Agne Cepinskyte • Mar 16 2019 • Articles

Post-WWI the Baltic States not only slipped away from the German sphere of influence, but they also deprived the Baltic-Germans of their previous ruling status.

Hungary’s Place in German South-East European Policy, 1919–1944

Ignác Romsics • Jan 30 2019 • Articles

The Mittel-Europa idea persisted in German political thought and became a realistic political program after German economic unity in 1871 because of the German state’s political and military power.

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