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The Day after Tomorrow: The EU and the Iran Nuclear Deal

The Day after Tomorrow: The EU and the Iran Nuclear Deal

The EU should lead a multi-dimensional diplomacy to rebuild trust and secure the participation of the original signatories on the basis of a more comprehensive agreement.

The Thatcherization of India’s Foreign Policy

The Thatcherization of India’s Foreign Policy

Both Thatcher and Modi value global power projections, a West-wards tilt and regional prominence, while balancing free-market fruits with nationalist roots.

Image by UN Photo (Jean-Marc Ferré)

Why Saudi Arabia’s Human Rights Record Does Not Matter

In the context of the strained security situation in the Middle East and Europe it seems unlikely that human rights considerations will gain the upper hand.

Image by US Government

To Press, Or Not to Press the Button?

The foundation of British strategic security requires ideas and assumptions that we can no longer be sure of; in the long run, nuclear deterrence seems unconvincing.

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