Hedley Bull

Lost in Translation? Importing the English School to America

Alan Klæbel Weisdorf • Aug 2 2013 • Articles

Robert Murray’s edited collection ‘System, Society and the World’ illustrates the value of a pluralist approach under the umbrella of English School research.

Another Revolt Against the West?

Jason Ralph • May 13 2013 • Articles

Hedley Bull once described what he called “the revolt against the West”. When looking at the contemporary international society, it seems that Bull’s narrative still has relevance today.

World Society and English School Methods

Cornelia Navari • May 1 2013 • Articles

The English School in IR theory is generally associated with the notion of international society, which suggests that there is much institutionalization of shared values, mutual understandings, and common interests.

Taming the Anarchical Society

Ian Hall • Jul 5 2012 • Articles

We should see The Anarchical Society as a book more important for what it says about Western anxieties in the latter half of the 1970s than for what it might offer latter-day theorists.

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