Opinion – Lebanon’s Economic Crisis: An Opportunity to Contain Hezbollah?

Massimiliano Fiore • Jun 25 2020 • Articles
The international community should help avoid Lebanon's collapse, yet make support dependent on tackling corruption and abandoning Hezbollah.

Interview – Dalal Mawad

E-International Relations • Jun 4 2020 • Features
Journalist Dalal Mawad talks to us about her career covering the MENA region, particularly her work reporting on refugees and the displaced and the crisis in Lebanon.

From Arms to Ballots: The Politicization of Hezbollah and Hamas

Sarmad Ishfaq • Jun 2 2019 • Articles
Hezbollah and Hamas give credence to how imperative a hierarchical organizational structure, robust leadership, and healthy public support are in terms of politicization.

Violent Non-State Actors in the Middle East: Origins and Goals

Christopher P Dallas-Feeney • May 28 2019 • Articles
Violent Non-State Actors are formidable challengers of the legitimacy and security of the existing state system in the Middle East and to those who govern those states.

Unmasking ‘Religious’ Conflicts and Religious Radicalisation in the Middle East

Bettina Koch • May 17 2019 • Articles
When one discusses conflicts that may have a religious background, it is mandatory to question when and under what circumstances does a conflict qualify as a 'religious'.

Saudi-Iranian Relations after the Rise of Mohammad Bin Salman

Simon Mabon • Jul 17 2018 • Articles
Whilst Saudi Arabia is experiencing existential transformations in political and social life, the Middle East faces an increasingly precarious period.

Lebanon’s Hizbullah

Atef Alshaer • Mar 24 2015 • Articles
Ethnic motivations underlying Hizbullah’s politics acting upon the perceived interests of the Shiite community in Lebanon are likely to further erode its legitimacy.

Comparing Goals and Aspirations of National 
vs Transnational Islamist Movements

Joseph J. Kaminski • Dec 28 2014 • Articles
National-based Islamist movements and transnational-based Islamist movements have different approaches to diverse political attitudes and religious value systems.

Review Feature – Understanding Iran: A Summary of Recent Scholarship

Stephen McGlinchey • Oct 29 2014 • Features
From perspectives on Nixon, Kissinger and the Shah to the current nuclear stand-off, the four books in this feature offer the latest scholarship on US-Iranian relations.

The Geopolitics of the Struggle for Syria

Bassel F. Salloukh • Sep 23 2013 • Articles
The disaster in Syria epitomizes the destructive effects of the sectarianization of regional geopolitical battles and the use of the popular Arab uprisings for otherwise geopolitical ends.

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