Higher Education

Signature Pedagogies and the Use of Violence in In-Class Simulations

David Andersen-Rodgers • May 16 2021 • Articles

While simulations are useful tools, we need to be cognizant of the potential impact that these exercises have, particularly as they relate to training future foreign policy decision-makers.

Teaching and Learning Professional Skills Through Simulations

Simulations can build professional character based on autonomy, collaboration, responsibility, and empathy.

Student Led Advocacy and the ‘Scholars in Prison’ Project

William J. Shelling II and Jenny H. Peterson • May 4 2021 • Articles

Experimental Learning, when combined with didactic learning, can challenge and (re)form both the instructor and student understanding of what counts as knowledge and expertise.

The Use of Metaphors, Simulations, and Games to Teach International Relations

Ismail Erkam Sula • May 3 2021 • Articles

There are an abundance of alternative pedagogical techniques which can help educators formulate innovative, participatory, and efficient ways of teaching IR as a profession.

Teaching International Relations Through Short Iterated Simulations

Xiaoye She • May 2 2021 • Articles

Simulations as a signature pedagogy help students grasp threshold concepts in IR, while also applying competing theoretical perspectives to explain patterns of conflict and cooperation.

Using Personal Anecdotes to Reflect a Strategy for Dissertation Supervision

Archie W. Simpson • Apr 30 2021 • Articles

Supervising involves imparting knowledge and instilling the student into the culture of IR as an academic discipline. In crude terms, supervision is somewhat akin to an indoctrination process.

Review – 50 Years of US Study Abroad Students: Japan as the Gateway to Asia and Beyond

Eriks Varpahovskis • Mar 27 2021 • Features

Asada provides an in-depth analysis, deepening our understanding of student exchanges as a tool of knowledge diplomacy.

Higher Education and Race Relations in Brazil

Hasani E. dos Santos • Nov 17 2020 • Articles

Brazil faces an offensive on public universities caused by the cuts in investment on scientific research.

Review – Decolonising the University

Siobhan O’Neill • May 7 2020 • Features

This book presents a broad account of the discussions around the call to decolonise the university, providing a useful introduction to students, activists and academics.

Interview – Judith Suissa

E-International Relations • Sep 1 2019 • Features

Prof. Judith Suissa talks about philosophy of education, as well as the intersections between politics, parent-child relationships, classical anarchism and globalisation.

10th Anniversary Interview – Richard Ned Lebow

E-International Relations • Dec 5 2017 • Features

To celebrate E-IR’s 10th anniversary we asked some of our existing interviewees two further questions reflecting on the last decade in International Relations.

10th Anniversary Interview – Stephen Hopgood

E-International Relations • Dec 4 2017 • Features

To celebrate E-IR’s 10th anniversary we asked some of our existing interviewees two further questions reflecting on the last decade in International Relations.

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