Civilization, China and Digital Technology

Michael Keane • Feb 1 2020 • Articles
China is intent on consolidating a digital civilization; which has widespread implications for industry, governance, population management, and international relations.

The Doctrine of Residual Power in Canadian Diplomacy

Bruce Mabley • Jun 4 2019 • Articles
There is an epistemological break between diplomacy and public service. Canadian diplomats who undertook ‘rogue’ actions can find the moral high ground in this break.

Review – Huidu: Inside Huawei

Lily McElwee • Feb 28 2019 • Features
Given the current climate Huawei's former President of External Affairs, William B. Plummer, provides a highly opinionated but useful insight into the Chinese tech firm.

The Evidence Supporting the Fear of Chinese Telecommunication Providers

Clement Guitton • Oct 14 2012 • Articles
The U.S. decision to issue strong recommendations against doing business with two Chinese based telecommunication companies creates an atmosphere of mistrust that does not help resolve cyber security issues.

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