Defying the Modus Operandi: Anna Hazare, Corruption and Politics in India

Chris Ogden • Sep 12 2011 • Articles

Evoking the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi, Anna Hazare’s anti-graft campaign has personified a core national concern in India against endemic corruption and its consequences. However, the potency of the anti-corruption movement, although widely acknowledged and supported, has far from clear ramifications.

A Silk Route to Peace

Kirthi Jayakumar • Jul 26 2011 • Articles

The Taliban remains a very deeply rooted part of Afghani social and political life. Consequently, they cannot be ignored. The Taliban should be won over with a comprehensive set of policies deploying not just negotiations and reconciliatory talks, but also the creation of a political framework that will engage the Taliban in a positive role that is most conducive to Afghanistan’s progress.

India, China, and Asia’s Growing Presence in the Middle East

Mark N. Katz • Apr 4 2011 • Articles

The East Moves West confirms Geoffrey Kemp’s reputation as a scholar who combines a broad geopolitical vision with an extraordinarily detailed knowledge of the many bilateral relationships between so many Middle Eastern countries, on the one hand, and so many Asian powers, on the other. It will be of great value to policy makers, journalists, scholars and students.

The Kautilya Way

Manaswini Ramkumar • Nov 15 2010 • Articles

In a land as diverse as India, the British championed the technique of divide and conquer for nearly a century. Three thousand years before British explorers even set foot on India’s coast, a warrior by the name of Chandragupta Maurya unified Indian heterogeneity and established unified India’s first monarchical dynasty of the Mauryas. This Bismarckian mission owed its success to Chandragupta Maurya’s astute political adviser, Kautilya.

The Problem of China: As viewed from the USA

Rodger A Payne • Sep 20 2009 • Articles

For more than a century, the overwhelming majority of greenhouse gases have been emitted by advanced industrial states. Recently, however, China has assumed the top spot in annual emissions. On a per person basis, of course, China still trails the global leaders by a good distance.

Climate Engineering

Rodger A Payne • Aug 19 2009 • Articles

It may be August, when many policy wonks take vacation in Washington and other capitals, but Bjørn Lomborg’s Copenhagen Consensus Center is in the midst of releasing a series of papers analyzing potentially affordable solutions to global climate change.

Nuclear breakthrough for the Indian navy?

David Scott • Jul 27 2009 • Articles

July 26 2009 saw a milestone reached by the Indian navy at Vishakapatnam, their eastern Command centre, as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh formally launched India’s own domestically produced 6,000 ton nuclear powered submarine, INS Arihant. Has the moment arrived when the Indian navy achieves blue water status with a reliable nuclear deterrent?

The US proposal to end war in Sri Lanka

Jehan Perera • Apr 28 2009 • Articles

The Sri Lankan government’s victory at the Western Provincial Council election held on April 25, 2009 can only have added to its confidence that it is proceeding on the popular path with regard to the war in the north. At these elections the ruling alliance secured 65 percent of the popular vote, which is a huge margin of victory. But what of the international response?

India’s Development Paradox

Jacob Baynham • Feb 2 2009 • Articles

Intended to raise the standard of living for millions of the nation’s poor, many Indian development projects are criticized for destroying their livelihoods and the environment in the process.

Mumbai Terrorist Attacks – A Question of Governance

Rajesh M. Basrur • Jan 8 2009 • Articles

The slaughter of civilians in Mumbai by terrorists in November 2008 has once again vitiated the relationship between India and Pakistan in what is the fourth major crisis between them since the two countries became nuclear powers in the late 1980s.

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