Jan Smuts, Jawaharlal Nehru and the Legacies of Liberalism

Vineet Thakur • May 18 2018 • Articles

Placing Smuts and Nehru within the broader liberal paradigm, we come to a picture that is both global and local, contextual and textual, historical and contemporary.

Interview – Milan Vaishnav

E-International Relations • May 3 2018 • Features

Dr Milan Vaishnav shares his views on corruption, accountability and politics in India, the successes of India’s democratic experiment and the 2019 national elections.

Civilizational Perspectives in International Relations and Contemporary China-India Relations

Ravi Dutt Bajpai • Apr 26 2018 • Articles

India and China both seem to be simultaneously moving upward on relative power trajectories while sustaining a rivalry which will further magnify.

Shaping Terrorist Identity: The Case of Dawood Ibrahim

Dheeraj P. C. • Apr 5 2018 • Articles

The identity of a terrorist is not just defined by their final act of terror but a deeper collaboration of shared interests between the identifier and the identified.

From (Communally-Based) Religion to Secularism in Indian Politics

Pratick Mallick • Feb 15 2018 • Articles

By emphasising secular reforms and de-emphasising communally specific attitudes and policy, the BJP seeks to present India as an open marketplace for the new middle class

India and Pakistan: Formalizing the 2003 Ceasefire Agreement

Saeed Ahmed Rid • Feb 8 2018 • Articles

If the 2003 ceasefire between India and Pakistan is formalised with clear rules and regulations it should reduce the chances of future ceasefire violations.

Asian Perspectives on International Relations Theory

Pichamon Yeophantong • Jan 23 2018 • Articles

Asian perspectives highlight a need for IR to become a global discipline that appreciates political and cultural difference but also reflects a shared history and humanity.

Addressing Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Challenges in South Asia

Rizwana Abbasi • Jan 6 2018 • Articles

This article highlights six challenges to the nuclear regime followed by a three-step approach to finding common ground to reduce the risk of nuclear conflict between India and Pakistan.

India, Japan and Preservation of the Asian Territorial Order

S. Kalyanaraman • Dec 24 2017 • Articles

It may be prudent for India, Japan and their mutual partners to send an unambiguous message to China with regard to its territorial and hegemonic ambitions in Asia.

How the BRICS Exert Influence in the Global Politics of Development

Matthias vom Hau • Oct 24 2017 • Articles

The strategies BRICS countries use to cement their rising economic position depend on their particular circumstances and national economic and political characteristics

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