Interview – Lisa Tilley

E-International Relations • Jul 19 2018 • Features

Lisa Tilley discusses the relationship between the urban and the international, the political economy of knowledge, and the potential for theory to be subversive.

Interview – Joseph Chinyong Liow

E-International Relations • Oct 12 2017 • Features

Dr Chinyong Liow discusses the Trump administration’s strategy for East and Southeast Asia, growing conservatism in Indonesia, and the 50th anniversary of ASEAN.

Populism and Religious Nationalism in France and Indonesia

Nicholas Morieson • May 23 2017 • Articles

Religion appears to re-emerge in both French and Indonesian elections as a source of national identity to exclude those who do not share the heritage of the majority.

China: New Steps Forward in Africa

Kerry Brown and Shan Huang • Nov 15 2016 • Articles

By understanding China’s approach as pragmatic, not altruistic, those working with China can come out with economic gains.

The Connecting Issue of Asylum Seekers and Irregular Migrants in Southeast Asia

Atin Prabandari and Dedi Dinarto • Aug 11 2016 • Articles

Abandoned by neighbors, 30,000 Rohingya and Bangladeshi asylum seekers were left stranded in the Andaman Sea and Malacca Strait in 2015: their protection is essential

Reworking Palm Oil Welfare from the Grassroots in Indonesia

Maharani Hapsari • Jun 23 2016 • Articles

Palm oil workers are presented the challenge of formulating a collective agenda and political strategies. They currently do not have the capacity to do so.

Against State Straightism: Five Principles for Including LGBT Indonesians

Tom Boellstorff • Mar 21 2016 • Articles

Indonesia’s diversity has always included LGBT persons. The question is can they live with freedom, which has been the cry of Indonesian nationalism from its beginnings.

Sexualities, LGBT Rights and The Ban of ‘Gay’ Emoticons in Indonesia

Eleni Polymenopoulou • Mar 10 2016 • Articles

While the emoticon debate itself seems rather trivial, the debates surrounding it are illustrative of the tensions between Islam and local practices.

Turnbull Meets Jokowi: A New Chapter in Australia-Indonesia Relations?

Howard Dick • Dec 20 2015 • Articles

Indonesia is keen to engage with Australia as part of a regional balance of power and it welcomes trade and investment opportunities. Yet difficulties remain between the neighbouring states.

Neo-Orientalism: Indonesia’s Colonialism and Papua

Nathan Down • Dec 17 2015 • Articles

Lessons learnt from Dutch colonialism have resulted in Indonesia’s mimicking and replicating its own code of imperialism, resulting in Papua’s accession into Indonesia.

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