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Mendoza (Argentina), 29 de Junio 2012. La Presidenta de Brasil, Dilma Rousseff, asumiÛ la Presidencia Pro TÈmpore para el prÛximo semestre, rindiendo un homenaje al ex Presidente de Brasil, Luiz In·cio da Silva y al ex Presidente de Argentina, NÈstor Kirchner, como impulsores del proceso de integraciÛn. Foto: Fernanda LeMarie - Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, Comercio e IntegraciÛn.

Latin American Integration: The Dilemma

Latin American integration is difficult due to lack of conceptual comprehension (by practitioners) and low political commitment, especially regarding supra-nationalism.

Image by Douglas Pfeiffer Cardoso

J’accuse! The Case for Pre-modernism, or, the Rural-urban Divide

It is argued that modernization is a bankrupt theory that has caused more harm than good on the human level.

Brexit: The View from Australia

Brexit: The View from Australia

Australia’s recent integration with the Asia-Pacific region means that its dependence on the UK for the movement of goods and services is no longer as significant.

Prime Minister Theresa May meets the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko

The Prime Minister held Bi-Lateral talks with the President at Downing Street. She met him at the famous Number 10 door then held their bilateral meeting in the famous White Room

Brexit: The View from Ukraine

Brexit has the potential to bring Ukraine and the UK closer than they have ever been before, vis-à-vis the EU.

Can the EU Afford to Lose the UK?

Can the EU Afford to Lose the UK?

With a ‘Brexit’ on the agenda, and the EU’s vision questioned, it should be kept in mind that integration is chiefly about managing divergence and difference.

ASEAN and the European Union: Lessons in Integration

ASEAN and the European Union: Lessons in Integration

The experiences of ASEAN-EU integration have clarified some hard truths. Both organisations should take each other more seriously and recognise the differences and similarities between their respective regions and organisational structures.

The End of Maastricht and the last Euro: Will the EU Survive the Euro Crisis?

The End of Maastricht and the last Euro: Will the EU Survive the Euro Crisis?

The original motivation for what has become the EU was for a lasting peace in Europe, in which no country would dominate the continent. Yet, the euro and large country nationalism have changed the EU into the vehicle to achieve that domination.

Britain in Europe: A (Further) Response to John Redwood

I believe in appreciating the EU for what it is: a uniquely well developed form of interstate cooperation focussed around a single market. Yet Europe could be made to suit us still better. Rather than playing on people’s fears of a power hungry EU that is the stuff of fiction, let us begin this task.

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