Trust in Interstate Intelligence Sharing

Robert Dover • Jun 5 2020 • Articles

As we continue our 2020 ‘coronacaster’, intelligence agencies have their hands full and it has never been more difficult to judge whom and what to trust.  

The Redemption of British-American Special Intelligence Relationship

Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones • Dec 17 2018 • Articles

American intelligence is credible compared with its equivalent in undemocratic societies, but in the interest of objectivity still needs to be challenged.

Review – The Black Door: Spies, Secret Intelligence and British Prime Ministers

Matthew Palmer • Nov 28 2016 • Features

An authoritative account of the intelligence services often tumultuous interactions with Downing Street, which nonetheless lacks a degree of theoretical appreciation.

Review – The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

W. Alejandro Sanchez • Aug 28 2015 • Features

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. provides an opportunity for IR scholars to experience a fictionalized account of global security cooperation during the 1960s in this new movie.

‘Hybrid War’ and ‘Little Green Men’: How It Works, and How It Doesn’t

Mark Galeotti • Apr 16 2015 • Articles

While Russia won the military war to create Novorossiya and intelligence war to support combat operations, it has not achieved its aims and is losing the political war.

Man-Up Mr Snowden! Masculinities and National Security

Klaus Dodds • Jun 8 2014 • Articles

Ever since news broke that Edward Snowden was the National Security Agency ‘leaker’ and fugitive, discussion has raged about his masculinity, including his sexuality.

Review – Revisiting Intelligence and Policy

Maarten Broekhof • May 6 2014 • Features

Marrin’s edited volume offers some potentially interesting arguments about the ‘politicisation’ of intelligence, but is ultimately a static and disjointed collection.

Street Gangs in Central America: Combating them with Intelligence Fusion Centers

Thomas Bruneau • Mar 8 2014 • Articles

The intelligence fusion center has proved successful in the US, and could prove useful in the Northern Triangle of Central America in the fight against street gangs.

Democracy and Security: The Current Debate on Reforming U.S. Intelligence

Thomas Bruneau • Feb 13 2014 • Articles

The revelations of Edward Snowden regarding the NSA have focused more attention on the issue of reforming intelligence in the US than at any time since 1970s.

The NSA Revelations and the State of American Intelligence

Erik J. Dahl • Jan 28 2014 • Articles

The end result of the NSA debate is likely to be an even more capable intelligence community that is better supported by the leaders who guide it and the people it protects.

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