International Development

Review – Multipolar Globalization: Emerging Economies and Development

Sérgio Costa • Sep 19 2018 • Features

This book presents a clear and convincing argument for the shift from a Western centered globalization to a multipolar one and also considers multicentric perspectives.

Interview – Lisa Tilley

E-International Relations • Jul 19 2018 • Features

Lisa Tilley discusses the relationship between the urban and the international, the political economy of knowledge, and the potential for theory to be subversive.

Interview – Robbie Shilliam

E-International Relations • Jun 14 2018 • Features

Robbie Shilliam talks about the obstacles to decolonizing the academy, postcolonial politics, his forthcoming book Race and the Undeserving Poor and studying IR theory.

Online Resources – The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development

E-International Relations • May 31 2018 • Online resources

A brief introduction to the OECD, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, with links and media to further explore.

What is Happening in Afghanistan?

Grant Farr • May 12 2018 • Articles

The US is losing the war and has become a part of the problem. Perhaps there are lessons to be learned from the US experience in Vietnam.

Colonialism: Why Write Back?

George Sefa Dei and Chizoba Imoka • Jan 3 2018 • Articles

European knowledge conception of development needs to be brought down from its high global pedestal and put alongside other sidelined, non-European knowledge systems.

How the BRICS Exert Influence in the Global Politics of Development

Matthias vom Hau • Oct 24 2017 • Articles

The strategies BRICS countries use to cement their rising economic position depend on their particular circumstances and national economic and political characteristics

Deciphering the Numbers: Employment in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

Jabin T. Jacob • Aug 22 2017 • Articles

The conditions that affect the progress of the CPEC – including number and quality of jobs generated – should be matters of concern to policymakers in the neighbourhood.

Pakistan’s Role in China’s One Belt One Road Initiative

Grant Farr • Jul 10 2017 • Articles

The project’s success hinges on China’s ability to convince Pakistanis that they are neither a new version of the Raj, nor an exploitative superpower.

Feeling For the Game: How Emotions Shape Listening in Peacebuilding Partnerships

Pernilla Johansson • May 17 2017 • Articles

Interpreting emotions are not considered relevant to being a competent peace building practitioner, but paying attention to it helps us to listen and identify obstacles.

Inequality, Poverty and a ‘Human Economy’

Richard Dodgson • Mar 17 2017 • Articles

What might it mean to move to a human economy?

Making Science and Technology Work for All

Jebamalai Vinanchiarchi • Jan 24 2017 • Articles

If we are unable to spread the benefits of technology-driven growth among people and empower them in the development process, there will be growth without development.

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