International Political Economy

Review – Global Capitalism, Global War, Global Crisis

William K. Carroll • Nov 22 2018 • Features

A major contribution to social science that synthesises insights from several separate yet complementary perspectives within the wide compass of historical materialism.

Defining Post-truth: Structures, Agents, and Styles

Ari-Elmeri Hyvönen • Oct 22 2018 • Articles

Factual truth has a limited but indispensable role to play in pluralistic politics, comparable to material environment that both enables and limits democratic debate.

Settler Colonialism and Financial Exclusion of Banks in the English Caribbean

Tamanisha J. John • Oct 20 2018 • Articles

To cement the notions of African and Indian inferiority to whiteness, their lack of credit worthiness and inability to manage local banks, were used as proof. 

Rethinking World Systems Theory and Hegemony: Towards a Marxist-Realist Synthesis

Madison Cartwright • Oct 18 2018 • Articles

Realist and Marxist theories analyse the international economy as one of hierarchies that territorially partition the world and concentrate economic wealth within states.

Interview – Lisa Tilley

E-International Relations • Jul 19 2018 • Features

Lisa Tilley discusses the relationship between the urban and the international, the political economy of knowledge, and the potential for theory to be subversive.

Lake Chad: A Climate of Fragility

Any future interventions in and around Lake Chad will have to be mindful of its particular climate-fragility and these trends that are likely to shape its future.

Contract Slavery? On the Political Economy of Domestic Work in Lebanon

Martin Beck • Feb 6 2018 • Articles

The gender dimension of the political economy of foreign domestic work in Lebanon manifests itself in the first instance in an exploitative maternalistic system.

Review – The New Deal: A Global History

Alexander Jacobs • Dec 28 2017 • Features

Patel’s ambitious study demonstrates how the New Deal was part of a global movement aimed at subordinating market economies to the demands of security and stability.

Review – Neoliberalism: The Key Concepts

Patrick Clairzier • May 15 2017 • Features

An indispensable reference work which provides an in-depth contextual frame for the origins and interrelationship of key terms associated with neoliberalism.

Global Political Economy

Günter Walzenbach • Dec 29 2016 • Articles

While we certainly live in a global economy, for the time being we lack a common response to the challenges this brings – especially in establishing control over a still-evolving global market system.

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