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Notes from Airstrip One

Acknowledgment of three options for Britain may appear victorious for remainers but having a “Remain” option is destined to fail everyone – except the far right.

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What Is Nationalism? A Nation? A Nationalist?

In principle, the nation-state is an institutional means precisely to democratize the international system.

Popular Culture Matters: Defining ‘Politics’ in Popular Culture & World Politics

Popular Culture Matters: Defining ‘Politics’ in Popular Culture & World Politics

The ‘Politics’ in PCWP remains limited and narrowly understood, even as the sites at which it is located expand.

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Popular Culture Matters: An Introduction

The first post in a series detailing the impact of popular culture on world politics from the perspective of participants at the ISA workshop ‘Popular Culture Matters’.

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The Path to Authoritarianism: How do we get there?!

Authoritarian regimes are assessed through their use of judiciaries to give legitimacy to autocratic rule, reinforcing the importance of the separation of powers doctrine

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From (Communally-Based) Religion to Secularism in Indian Politics

By emphasising secular reforms and de-emphasising communally specific attitudes and policy, the BJP seeks to present India as an open marketplace for the new middle class

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The Role of Emotions in the Processes of Interaction with International Law

As individuals are emotional beings, it is not surprising that emotions can play a role in conduct that shapes, or is addressed by, international law.

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Beginner’s Textbook – International Relations

A ‘Day 0’ introduction to International Relations for beginners, placing the reader inside crucial issues and debates so they can understand how things work and where they fit in the world.

Review – Why Leaders Lie

Review – Why Leaders Lie

Does lying in international politics occur? How often? Who benefits? What are the consequences? There are many questions to be considered in Mearsheimer’s Why Leaders Lie and it provides a starting point for further research and discussion.

Euro 2012 and the UK’s ‘Semi-boycott’

Euro 2012 and the UK’s ‘Semi-boycott’

The ‘semi’ status of the UK’s boycott leaves it a little ambiguous as a political stance. When considering the effectiveness of the UK’s stance, it is instructive to consider the media focus generated by a sports mega-event.

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