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The flag of NATO.

The flag of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) consists of a dark blue field charged with a white compass rose emblem, with four white lines radiating from the four cardinal directions. 

Adopted three years after the creation of the organization, it has been the flag of NATO since October 14, 1953. The blue colour symbolizes the Atlantic Ocean, while the circle stands for unity.
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Photographer: Sergeant Paul Shaw LBIPP (Army)
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Student Feature – Spotlight on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NATO represents a robust institution for collective defense, with missions expanding past Europe, although some argue it should re-focus on European operations.

The Great Thaw: Climate Change and the Post-Cold War World

The Great Thaw: Climate Change and the Post-Cold War World

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the geopolitical climate frozen from the Cold War along with our understanding of climate change and its security risks have thawed.

Interview – Austin Carson

Interview – Austin Carson

Austin Carson talks about his new book Secret Wars, the case of the US’ War on Terror, war as a ‘performance’, monitoring state activities and unpredictable leaders.

Cold War Theories, War on Terror Practices

Cold War Theories, War on Terror Practices

Old reference points no longer hold in an age marked by transnational security threats that do not align with traditional security frameworks.

Image by United Nations Photo

With Great Power Comes Great Climate Responsibility

Great powers are assessed with regard to their response and responsibility to limit the negative impact of climate change.

Image by M-Louis

Megachurches and the Living Dead: Intersections of Religion & Politics in Korea

The prospect of political change in the North coincides with the potential for religious change in the South, producing a complex and fascinating set of scenarios.

Image by Kevin Schoenmakers

Forecasting the Future: Prospects of a Negotiated Settlement with North Korea

Approaching the negotiations between the United States and North Korea through a systematic fashion, the harsh reality is that these negotiations are very likely to fail.

Image By Kurdish Struggle

To Avoid a Syrian Quagmire: Turkish-American Compromise and Cooperation

Negotiation and compromise between both governments and the SDF are explored as the path forward for the United States, Turkey, and anti-Assad forces.

Image by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Northern Fears: Preparing for and Watching Norden’s Doom

Netflix’s “The Rain” has been released at the beginning of a new era of insecurity for the notoriously peaceful nation of Sweden.

Image by Gilbert Sopakuwa

If There Was a Time to Support Reformists in Iran, It’s Now

With Iran and Israel coming perilously close to the risk of war, now is the time to support reform in Iran.

Image by Thorsten Strasas

Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch: Why is Turkey Attacking the YPG in Syria?

Turkey has entered Syria’s Afrin district to combat the YPG in order to guarantee security at the border as well as its place at the table of Syrian peace talks.

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