Review – Jihadi Culture on the World Wide Web

Anne Stenersen • Jun 1 2014 • Features
Ramsay's analysis of online jihadi culture challenges current assumptions about this phenomenon and examines its limited translation to real world violence.

Cyberfeminism and its Political Implications for Women in the Arab World

Rita Stephan • Aug 28 2013 • Articles
Garnering national support and inspiring followers across the globe, the intersection between gender and culture has come to define transnational Arab cyberactivism and cyberfeminism.

Tapping the Tubes: Understanding the Geography of Data

Henry Philippens • Aug 25 2013 • Articles
As the geography of the internet renders data increasingly vulnerable, greater efforts must be made by governments and citizens alike to understand how best to protect this information.

Cyber Security Governance and the Theory of Public Goods

Mischa Hansel • Jun 27 2013 • Articles
Cooperation in cyber security is a hard task even in the absence of national security considerations. A theory of public goods can help us understand cyber security governance and its challenges.

Review – Networks of Outrage and Hope

Veronica Barassi • Feb 27 2013 • Features
From the Arab Spring to the Occupy movements, Castells’ book provides insight into the sudden rise of mass uprisings across the world, their political force, and momentum.

Casualties of the Digital Revolution

Al McKay • Nov 3 2011 • Articles
Many have heralded the Internet as a life-enhancing medium that promotes citizen empowerment beyond the borders of nation states. Whilst there has been much talk about the beneficiaries of this revolution, there has been something of a hesitance to name the casualties.

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