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What IR Can Learn From the Intellectual Historian

The intellectual historian makes an important contribution to IR by taking its practitioners beyond the simple approach to the past that the idea of a canon represents.

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Aquaman: a New Year Parable In Race and Ethnicity

The recent Hollywood adaptation of Aquaman provides an important metaphor for racial conflict, and a timely talking point in modern society.

Recrafting International Relations through Relationality

Recrafting International Relations through Relationality

International Relations must be reconceptualised to prioritize the relations that constitute units rather than to proceed from the assumption that units are self-evident.


Interview – Stephen McGlinchey

As part of a series of interviews on Broadening Engagements with International Affairs, The ISA’s Jamie J. Hagen interviewed E-IR’s Editor-in-Chief.

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Looking Back at 2011

2011 is a moment in history which encapsulated the impulse for achieving democracy yet a review of subsequent events show democratisation is an extremely complex process.

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A Comprehensive Introduction to International Relations and IR Theory

E-International Relations offers two textbooks exploring foundational elements of the discipline to beginners. Both books are free to access on the website and also on sale in paperback worldwide.

The ‘Exceptional’ Chinese Soft Power: Outlier or Pioneer?

The ‘Exceptional’ Chinese Soft Power: Outlier or Pioneer?

Soft power is a term coined by Joseph Nye in the late 1980s. Soft or not, Chinese strategies are all-pervading although not necessarily sustainable in the current state.

Interview – David Parry

Interview – David Parry

Rev. David Parry sheds light on conceptual art and an alternative understanding of Machiavelli’s political commentary by exploring his larger artistic contributions.

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What Is Nationalism? A Nation? A Nationalist?

In principle, the nation-state is an institutional means precisely to democratize the international system.

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The Theatre of Politics: Politics as Oscar Broadway

Politics is compared to theatre due to the growing trend of passion play; a trend which is argued does not contribute positively to coexistence or commonality.

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International Travel Is a Risky Business: Research, Study, & Proselytizing

When travelling abroad, there are typically no rights to protest nor to challenge or undermine laws in a foreign national context.

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With Great Power Comes Great Climate Responsibility

Great powers are assessed with regard to their response and responsibility to limit the negative impact of climate change.

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