Review – The Kurds of Northern Syria

Jordi Tejel • Feb 8 2020 • Features

Allsopp and van Wilgenburg draw on interviews to provide a detailed and less romanticized account of the emergence, consolidation and crisis of the DAA in Northern Syria.

Islamic State Men and Women Must be Treated the Same

Katelyn Jones • Aug 26 2019 • Articles

Treating men and women ISIS members differently in court not only undermines judicial fairness, it also hinders counterterrorism and threatens security.

Interview – Issac Kfir

E-International Relations • Aug 20 2019 • Features

Issac Kfir discusses the terrorist attacks in New Zealand and Sri Lanka, Australia’s counterterrorism policy, Asia-Pacific cooperation, and returning foreign fighters.

Student Feature – Theory in Action: Securitisation Theory and ISIS

Clara Eroukhmanoff • Jul 16 2019 • Student Features

Through securitisation theory threat magnification that results in certain counterterrorism strategies, which often serve political ends, can be exposed.

Student Feature – Theory in Action: Realism and ISIS

Sandrina Antunes and Isabel Camisão • Jun 17 2019 • Student Features

Realism often yields strong results as a tool of analysis, as examing the rise of the Islamic State group in the years after the Iraq invasion demonstrated.

Violent Non-State Actors in the Middle East: Origins and Goals

Christopher P Dallas-Feeney • May 28 2019 • Articles

Violent Non-State Actors are formidable challengers of the legitimacy and security of the existing state system in the Middle East and to those who govern those states.

5 Reasons Why the West Got Islamist Terrorism Wrong

Ayla Göl • Mar 14 2019 • Articles

Essentializing Islam will not help us find a solution to the use of violence by Muslims. On the contrary, it will only impede the understanding of anti-Western terrorism.

International Relations Theory and the ‘Islamic State’

S. Yaqub Ibrahimi • Oct 15 2018 • Articles

Integrating the root causes of the formation of IS in a systematic framework gives an inclusive and representative image of the formation of this organization.

Interview – Gary Kent

E-International Relations • Sep 12 2018 • Features

Secretary of the all-party parliamentary group on the Kurdistan region, Gary Kent, discusses the group, Iraq and the Kurdish independence referendum and its consequences.

Interview – Paul Rogers

E-International Relations • May 16 2018 • Features

Professor Paul Rogers discusses the control paradigm, sustainable security and remote warfare, the lessons of the War on Terror and President Trump’s security strategy.

Interview – Selim Koru

E-International Relations • Apr 26 2018 • Features

Analyst Selim Koru shares his views on Turkey’s relations with Russia and its Western allies, its approach to Islamic State, the Kurdish PKK and the peace process.

Huntington vs. Mearsheimer vs. Fukuyama: Which Post-Cold War Thesis is Most Accurate?

Glen M.E. Duerr • Apr 22 2018 • Articles

Scholars cannot discount Huntington because core parts of his arguments still remain relevant to the narratives of today even if he is incorrect in some places.

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