A Critical Geopolitical Analysis of Elite’s Responses to Terrorist Attacks

Ana Isabel Rodríguez Iglesias • May 12 2017 • Articles
Critical analysis is a valuable geopolitical framework to deconstruct, embody and historicize the features of the polarized world emerging from the Paris attacks.

Bombing Syria, Isis, and How We Got Here

Patricia J. Sohn • May 4 2017 • Articles
The true ideological divide in the U.S. today is true democrats versus neo-colonialists.

Five Up / Five Down – Syrian Missile Strike, Part 2

Matthew Murray • Apr 18 2017 • Articles
Tweets Matter. If Trump creates a perception of reality through informational sources that are not rigorous or complete, his positions will be deficient.

What Next for Iraq after the Battle of Mosul?

Tahir Abbas • Mar 23 2017 • Articles
The battle for Mosul is a proxy for a complex set of interests competing for hegemony. It is not the end, rather the beginning of the next waves of conflict Iraq faces.

Indo-Saudi Relations under the Modi Government

Md. Muddassir Quamar • Mar 13 2017 • Articles
In recent years, India’s relations with Saudi Arabia have gained a new momentum due to shared financial and security interests in the region.

The Libya Political Agreement: Time for Reconsideration

Michael Asiedu • Feb 24 2017 • Articles
The agreement has been bedevilled with significant deficiencies from its onset. Its renegotiation is central to the ongoing peace process in Libya.

Understanding Syria’s Many Conflicts

Mark N. Katz • Aug 31 2016 • Articles
The Syrian war is not just one conflict, but several conflicts which interact with one another. Syria has become a quagmire in which nobody can win but all can lose.

Bureaucracy, Organisational Learning and Resilience: ISI 2008-12

John Still • Aug 4 2016 • Articles
IS's predecessor, the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI), has previously proved resilient and capable of learning from and adapting to setbacks.

Islam and the Politics of Temporality: The Case of ISIS

Shahzad Bashir • Jul 28 2016 • Articles
ISIS is not unique when it comes to the significance of temporality as issues pertaining to the past have been a constant factor in Islamic thought.

“Son of Lies”: History, Baghdadi and the Legacy of ISIS

John A. Rees • Jun 22 2016 • Articles
Whilst the ISIS effect will not disappear overnight, the power to doubt the divine sanction of a failing movement is significant.

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