COVID-19’s Reshaping of International Alignments: Insights from Italy

Carlo Catapano • Apr 25 2020 • Articles
Only a strong and coordinated response from the whole European Union will help states getting through the challenges produced by the pandemic.

Italy as the Kremlin’s ‘Trojan Horse’ in Europe: Some Overlooked Factors

Artem Patalakh • Apr 11 2020 • Articles
As Russian influence in Italy grows, Putin's ‘Trojan horse’ in the EU reflects several societal trends, molding perceptions of a foreign policy appropriate for Italy.

State of Exception? When Theory Meets Its Walls: A Rejoinder

Toni Čerkez and Martin Gramc • Apr 6 2020 • Articles
It seems exaggerated, if not theoretically blind, to claim that emergency measures adopted in the face of the COVID-19 outbreak are ‘irrational and entirely unfounded’.

Deal or No Deal? Europe and the Italian Elections

Manfredi Nulli • Apr 25 2018 • Articles
While Italians have grown more Eurosceptic in these last few years, the reality is that even today most of them would not be prepared to leave the European Union.

Criminalising Search and Rescue Operations in the Mediterranean

Matilde Ventrella • Jun 10 2017 • Articles
It is crucial to involve NGOs in the fight against trafficking by allowing them to work and support in their mission of saving lives at sea and from human trafficking.

The Politics of the Humanitarian Crisis in Europe

Roberto Orsi • Jun 2 2015 • Articles
In the face of the horrors and the tragic loss of life, allowing or even encouraging the spread of chaos by yielding to blackmail is always the wrong policy.

Offshore Interdiction Operations and the Refugee Rights of Irregular Migrants

Sara K. McGuire • Apr 12 2015 • Articles
In fear that ISIL fighters might enter Europe as irregular asylum-seekers, EU policymakers are scrambling to implement new policies to prevent the arrival of these groups

The Eclipse of Europe: Italy, Libya, and the Surveillance of Borders

Fulvio Vassallo Paleologo • Mar 30 2014 • Articles
The EU lacks a common foreign policy to tackle immigration. Thus, national policies fill this gap. For this reason, political initiatives at the local level are crucial.

Letta’s Government: Between the Italian Rock and the European Hard Place

Franco Pavoncello • May 17 2013 • Articles
There is widespread domestic consensus that Enrico Letta’s government is the only road that Italy can travel for now. How long it will survive Italian and European politics is another matter.

Italy: From Berlusconi To A European Spring?

Giuseppe Lenzo • Jul 4 2011 • Articles
Many agree on the fact that Italy needs reform. One of every four youngsters are jobless, the sixth worst situation in Europe. One wonders whether the "Arab Spring" rising North from the Mediterranean may bring the winds of change and jasmine that Italy, as well as other troubled countries in Southern Europe need.

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