China and Japan’s Connectivity Strategies in Southeast Asia: Thailand’s Case

Daniele Carminati • Mar 25 2020 • Articles
If Thailand manages to advance a mutually agreed vision for regional connectivity, it can potentially benefit both from competition and collaboration.

Opinion – Shinzō Abe and Russo-Japanese Relations

Daminov Ildar • Oct 13 2019 • Articles
If Abe and Putin can normalize relations they will boost the economic development of Northeast Asia, strengthen regional security and counterbalance China.

Interview – Nayan Chanda

E-International Relations • Sep 5 2019 • Features
Nayan Chanda discusses the US-China trade war, its repercusions, and parallels with US-Japan relations in the 1980s, as well as the current backlash against globalization.

Japanese ‘LGBT Boom’ Discourse and its Discontents

Ioana Fotache • Aug 20 2019 • Articles
The separation between political queer discourse and local behaviour has long existed and the adoption of universal terminology risks rendering subjectivities invisible.

Review – The EU-Japan Partnership in Shadow of China

Hugo Dobson • Aug 15 2019 • Features
This edited collection considers the developments in EU-Japan relations within the current shifting and uncertain international context of the rise of China and populism.

Interview – Hans Carl von Werthern

E-International Relations • Jul 11 2019 • Features
Ambassador Hans Carl von Werthern discusses Germany-Japan relations, proposals for reform of the UN Security Council, and the impact of the Fukushima disaster in Germany.

Interview – Céline Pajon

E-International Relations • Jun 13 2019 • Features
Céline Pajon talks to us about the impact of Abenomics, France-Japan relations, as well as Japan's increasing assertiveness and France's role in the Asia-Pacific region.

Interview – Tomohiko Taniguchi

E-International Relations • Apr 29 2019 • Features
Tomohiko Taniguchi shares his views on Japan's global standing, its foreign relations with the EU and its Northeast neighbours, and the impact of 'Abenomics' policies.

The Transnational in China’s Foreign Policy: The Case of Sino-Japanese Relations

Casper Wits • Apr 10 2019 • Articles
Relations between the People's Republic of China and Japan seem to display a plethora of unresolved issues that strain the ties between the two countries.

Evolution of Sino-Japanese Relations: Implications for Northeast Asia and Beyond

Nori Katagiri • Apr 10 2019 • Articles
China and Japan regularly hold bilateral talks and participate in multilateral discussions about regional cooperation, but trust deficits keep the two nations apart.

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