Interview – Kentaro Fujikawa

E-International Relations • Oct 15 2021 • Features

Kentaro Fujikawa discusses conflicts over self-determination and referenda with a focus on the cases of Eritrea, East Timor and South Sudan.

Opinion – The US-Japan Alliance Continues to Stand for Democracy, Despite a Role Reversal

Tongfi Kim • Apr 18 2021 • Articles

Tokyo and Washington must voice consistent advocacy of democracy and show the multifaceted power of a democratic alliance.

Review – 50 Years of US Study Abroad Students: Japan as the Gateway to Asia and Beyond

Eriks Varpahovskis • Mar 27 2021 • Features

Asada provides an in-depth analysis, deepening our understanding of student exchanges as a tool of knowledge diplomacy.

Opinion – Japan’s 3/11: Ten Years On

Giorgio Shani • Mar 12 2021 • Articles

Aside from the insecurity and panic caused by the nuclear crisis with its concomitant effects on an economy still reeling from two decades of stagnant growth, life has returned to normal for most.

An Unlikely Alliance? Canada-Japan Relations in the Justin Trudeau Years

Sarah Clifford and Scott N Romaniuk • Dec 19 2020 • Articles

Japan offers Canada access to the Asian market as well as protection from the increasing ‘China threat’ which will enhance Canada’s prospects in the future.

A Pessimistic Rebuttal: The Eventual Return of Sino-Japanese Tensions

Lewis Eves • Dec 11 2020 • Articles

Considering the evidence, it is difficult to be optimistic that the Sino-Japanese détente will establish sustained cooperation between China and Japan.

Interview – Kei Koga

E-International Relations • Nov 9 2020 • Features

Kei Koga talks about ASEAN’s role in East Asian security, Japan’s foreign policy, Shinzo Abe’s legacy, plus the impact of Covid-19.

The Incremental Revolutionary: Japan after 8 Years of Shinzo Abe

Carlos Ramirez • Sep 21 2020 • Articles

Had Abe pursued more vigorously his pragmatic side right from the outset, he would not be remembered as an incrementalist but simply as revolutionary.

Interview – Lulama Smuts Ngonyama

E-International Relations • Jul 10 2020 • Features

Ambassador Ngonyama talks about his career, the economic diplomacy of developing countries, global inequality, and the future of global South diplomatic missions.

China and Japan’s Connectivity Strategies in Southeast Asia: Thailand’s Case

Daniele Carminati • Mar 25 2020 • Articles

If Thailand manages to advance a mutually agreed vision for regional connectivity, it can potentially benefit both from competition and collaboration.

Opinion – Shinzō Abe and Russo-Japanese Relations

Daminov Ildar • Oct 13 2019 • Articles

If Abe and Putin can normalize relations they will boost the economic development of Northeast Asia, strengthen regional security and counterbalance China.

Interview – Nayan Chanda

E-International Relations • Sep 5 2019 • Features

Nayan Chanda discusses the US-China trade war, its repercusions, and parallels with US-Japan relations in the 1980s, as well as the current backlash against globalization.

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