Henry Kissinger

China: When the Dragon Wakes

Stephen Chan • Nov 6 2017 • Articles
Napoleon said that the world should beware the sleeping dragon, lest it awake. In his day, China was not only asleep but lost in a time before modernity.

Review Feature – Understanding Iran: A Summary of Recent Scholarship

Stephen McGlinchey • Oct 29 2014 • Features
From perspectives on Nixon, Kissinger and the Shah to the current nuclear stand-off, the four books in this feature offer the latest scholarship on US-Iranian relations.

Kissinger at 90: Still a Force to Be Reckoned With?

Thomas A. Schwartz • Jul 10 2013 • Articles
Kissinger’s realism retains great value today, but the underlying beliefs in American exceptionalism which were used against him have not disappeared from American political life.

Review – Kissinger On China

Zachary Keck • Jul 7 2011 • Features
One surefire way to know that a bilateral relationship is of the upmost importance is for Henry Kissinger to devote an entire book to the topic. With world stability likely to hinge in good part on the nature of future of Sino-American relations, and China's continued rise being almost inevitable, much is at stake.

American Ascendance, British Retreat, and the Rise of Iran in the Persian Gulf

Stephen McGlinchey • Nov 15 2010 • Features
Three recent publications provide a fresh perspective of the developments which resulted in the decline of British influence in the Gulf, and the subsequent rise of the US.

Review: Henry Kissinger and the Shaping of American Foreign Policy

Stephen McGlinchey • Oct 13 2010 • Features
Mario Del Pero’s chief task in his recent monograph is to break up the traditional image of Kissinger to paint a more nuanced picture of his politics and scholarship.

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