Korean War

Inconsistencies in the Korean Comfort Women Narrative

Thomas J. Ward and William D. Lay • Mar 7 2019 • Articles

The fact that Korean military also availed themselves of the ‘special comfort unit’ during the Korean War has received little public attention, even since the 1990’s.

Winning Hostilities Without War: United States-North Korea Machinations

Strobe Driver • May 30 2017 • Articles

Despite the threats of Kim Jong-Un to destabilize the region, the US and North Korea are both intent on winning the hostilities without going to war.

Review – Mao, Stalin and the Korean War

William W. Stueck • Sep 18 2012 • Features

Through reconstruction of conversations between Soviet, Chinese, and North Korean diplomats, Shen Zhihua provides a vivid account of the origins and course of the Korean War from the Communist side.

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