LGBT Rights in Turkey: The Long Road To Tolerance

Volkan Yılmaz and Sinan Birdal • Dec 14 2012 • Articles

Turkish society’s attitude towards lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals is challenging. Although the current picture is bleak, LGBT activists and their allies are working hard to make Turkey a more tolerant place.

The Conviction of Pussy Riot: Part of a Larger Pattern

Keally McBride • Aug 28 2012 • Articles

The conviction of three members of Pussy Riot is only the most visible manifestation of new developments in Russia. Putin wants to use the scrim of Russia’s legal system to show how completely he has eclipsed it.

Populist Hatred: Homophobia and Political Elites in Africa

Rebecca Hodes • Jul 25 2012 • Articles

Despite South Africa’s constitutional protections, gays in South Africa continue to be persecuted and society remains, in general, deeply intolerant of gay sexuality.

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