Climate Change, Adaptation and International Relations Theory

Mizan R. Khan • Apr 29 2016 • Articles
In IR a state can typically take three approaches: cooperation, unilateralism or inactivity. Within the realm of climate diplomacy, we witness states playing all these roles.

The New (Anti-)Secularism

Marek Sullivan • Mar 22 2016 • Articles
The more belief and behaviour merge in the minds of policy drafters and radical atheists, the more liberty of conscience becomes ethically untenable.

Interview – Ivan Krastev

E-International Relations • Dec 16 2015 • Features
Ivan Krastev discusses Russia's troubled relationship with the West, the problems with democratic triumphalism, and the role of the EU in the post-Cold War world.

Review – Liberal Realism: a Realist Theory of Liberal Politics

James Wakefield • Jul 7 2015 • Features
An engaging, perceptive and well-judged contribution which will give even those who disagree with the realist critique a reason to reflect on their own principles.

Winds of Change to Winds of War

Anil Sigdel • Nov 9 2014 • Articles
Just 25 years ago the world believed in the definitive victory of liberalism, freedom, democracy and peace. However, the post-Berlin Wall journey has not fulfilled that ideal.

A Liberal Defense of Barack Obama’s Foreign Policy

Benjamin E. Goldsmith • Oct 6 2014 • Articles
Obama is a foreign policy Liberal, in the best sense of the term. He has delivered a balanced foreign policy that protects U.S. interests while promoting U.S. values.

Review – East, West, North, South: International Relations since 1945

John Kent • Jun 11 2014 • Features
This edition enlightens the reader to new facts and interpretations, although limited in their scope, about the events post-1945 and particularly those after 1986.

Hans Kelsen and the Case for Democracy

Sandrine Baume • May 8 2013 • Articles
Kelsen’s theory of democracy is intimately tied to his thinking about law, primarily his refusal to surrender to any of the mythologies that denature investigation of legal and political phenomena.

The Power Politics Game

Dylan Kissane • Mar 18 2013 • Articles
Games allow professors to show students that knowledge does not only have to come from a lecturer, but can also be experienced. Through games, students appreciate the complexities of international politics.

The IR Theory Game

Dylan Kissane • Jan 25 2013 • Articles
Students usually find theory the part of courses they enjoy least. The challenge, then, is to make theory accessible, to give the students something to do, rather than just something to listen to.

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