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Interview – Kwame Anthony Appiah

Interview – Kwame Anthony Appiah

Kwame Anthony Appiah talks about cosmopolitanism, identity, moral progress, Afrocentrism, what Black History Month means to him and gives some advice for young scholars.


What IR Can Learn From the Intellectual Historian

The intellectual historian makes an important contribution to IR by taking its practitioners beyond the simple approach to the past that the idea of a canon represents.

Interview – Zeynep Gülşah Çapan

Interview – Zeynep Gülşah Çapan

Zeynep Gülşah Çapan talks about postcolonial approaches, the abyssal line, the decolonisation of international relations and the curriculum, and the process of unlearning.

‘What Goes on in the Coffin’: Border Knowledges in North American Literature

‘What Goes on in the Coffin’: Border Knowledges in North American Literature

Indigenous knowledges are a vital pillar of the North American imaginary, yet highlight the processes of exclusion making them invisible to literature.

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Review – Cities at the End of the World

Even if political categories are sometimes taken for granted, Lorenzo’s text shows how rich an engagement with literature can be to a critical reflection on politics.

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